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Police passing out parade today

The passing-out ceremony of 406 Police Officers who received training from this Police College is scheduled to be held today. Out of them, 3 officers are Probationary Assistant Superintendents of Police. They had been trained for the past 18 months at the Police College.

There are 201 Probationary Sub Inspectors of Police among them and they had been trained for a period of 15 months. The passing out of 202 Probationary Police Constables has also been scheduled for today and their training was given for a period of 12 months.

As another special feature, it should be noted that those officers have been trained according to a syllabus which had been prepared by both Scotland Police Specialists and Sri Lankan Police Training Officers.

Furthermore, these passing out Probationary Assistant Superintends of Police Officers are entitled to the Certificate of Higher Diploma on Policing according to a syllabus which has been approved by the University Grants Commission and the Probationary Sub Inspectors have completed the Diploma Course on Policing. Further, Probationary Police Constables have completed the Higher Certificate Diploma on Policing.

This passing-out ceremony is scheduled to be held today, on 23.10.2015, at Aluwihare Grounds, which is the largest Ground of the Police College.

This Ground has been named after Sir Richerd Aluwihare, the first Inspector General of Police of the Department of Police.

This ceremony consists of many events such as, a passing-out parade, several acts of performance of the Probationary Police Officers, Police Band, Police Cultural Team, Police Kennels Division and Police Mounted Division.

President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena is expected to grace the passing-out ceremony with his presence, which is a cause for great pride for the Department of Police.

This glorious moment is a great source of pride not just for the Department of Police but also for the whole country.

Sri Lanka Police College was established in the Old Dutch Building at Prince Street, Colombo (where Pettah Post Office is currently located) 110 years back on 16.11.1905, under the leadership of Assistant Superintendent of Police, D. V. Altoendorff, when Longden was holding office as the Inspector General of Police at the time.

During the time when Sir Herbert Dowbiggin was holding office as the Inspector General of Police in 1913, Police College was established where the Police Field Force Headquarters, Bambalapitiya is presently located. At the time the Director of Police Training College was P. N. Banks, who was later appointed to the post of Inspector General of Police.

A team of Probationary Assistant Superintendents of Police received the first training at Sri Lanka Police Training College in 1928. Those officers have rendered a commendable service to the nation.

A team of 650 Probationary Police Officers were recruited and trained for the election held in 1947 and it has been recorded as the largest number of officers that has ever been recruited to Sri Lanka Police Service. An additional training center was also established in Mattakkuliya (then known as Muththuwaali), Modara for those officers.

When Sir Richard Aluwihare was holding office as the Inspector General of Police, the Police Training College was established at Palathota, Kalutara in 1948. At the time, the Director post of the Police Training College was held by the Superintendent of Police, S. G. De Zoysa. With the intention of fulfilling the training requirements of the trainee officers, 09 police stations were also established. They have been named after the great kings of Sri Lanka. Trainee Probationary Police Officers are attached to these police stations and are given training with regard to the administrative duties which take place in a police station. 


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