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Committee to probe NPC ministers

Northern Provincial Council (NPC) Chief Minister C.V. Vigneswaran yesterday said a three member Committee has been appointed to probe into the fraud and corruption allegations against NPC ministers. He said the Committee comprises two retired judges and one retired Government Agent.

Vigneswaran was speaking to the media after attending the Tamil People’s Council at the Jaffna Public Library Auditorium.

He said a motion in this regard would be presented at the NPC meeting tomorrow.

The Chief Minister said the Committee was appointed considering complaints by the public against the provincial ministers.

“We have been receiving such complaints now for several years, but these did not carry sufficient evidence. Recently, people have come up with complaints with evidence too. Therefore we decided to appoint this committee to investigate on these charges. We appointed these ministers after assessing their backgrounds and qualifications. Therefore, we cannot remove them just because there are allegations. Further steps in this regard will be taken considering the opinion of the Committee,” he said.

Meanwhile, Speaking to the Daily News NPC Chairman C.V. K. Sivagnananam said the motion would be taken up for consideration on Tuesday.

He said the decision to appoint the Committee would be subjected to the approval of the NPC. “It is only after passing this motion, the Committee will be appointed,” he said.

MP Douglas Devananda said the corruption charges against the NPC members have come from TNA members themselves, adding that many people have been raising these issues over the past years.

He said over the past three years there were allegations that the allocations made to the NPC were not utilised properly.

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