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Ladies only compartments soon

Transport Minister Arjuna Ranatunga has decided to have ladies only compartments in trains to thwart females from being harassed in any way.

The initiative is to be launched to coincide with International Women’s Day on March 8. Speaking to the media on an inspection visit to the Veyangoda station yesterday, Ranatunga said the initiative to reserve coaches for women will begin as a pilot project on five trains plying on major routes, especially during the rush hour.He said women’s safety should be taken very seriously and the new initiative will make women feel safer while travelling on trains. Minister Ranatunga also stated that new measures will be taken to upgrade passenger facilities at railway stations.

While noting that a large number of tourists were using trains as major mode of transport when visiting local areas, he said facilities for tourists at stations too will be upgraded.The minister said he will submit a Cabinet Paper to have private organisations get involved in the maintenance of railway stations.

He said this in no way means the railways were to be privatised, but only a move to improve maintenance at stations and improve passenger facilities.



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Very good idea, but they introduced same to CTB bus service, which was failure as most ladies did not travel in that bus.

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