Dengue deaths reach 327, legal action against 798

A total of 115,605 dengue patients and 327 dengue deaths had been reported from all parts of the country by July 31.

Legal action will be taken against 798 dengue mosquito breeders in the Western Province, the Epidemiology Unit sources said.

The inspecting teams found 1,343 premises with dengue mosquito larvae during the recently completed dengue control programme implemented in the Western Province among 762 homes and two schools. A total of 1247 homes and 37 schools were among them.

Out of a total of 105,486 premises inspected red notices were issued to 3,655 dengue mosquito breeders.

The highest number of dengue patients, 24,676 had been reported from the Colombo district. The second highest number of dengue patients, 20,441 had been reported from the Gampaha district. Kalutara district recorded 6,886 dengue patients which is the third highest number reported from the country, the sources said.

A total of 4223 dengue patients had been reported from the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) area while 20,453 dengue patients had been reported from the other parts of the Colombo district.

This year has recorded Sri Lanka's highest ever number of dengue patients. 

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the biggest violator and breeder of dengue is the colombo municipal council the elie house park has not been cleaned for a year the grass is head high and all complaints to the commissioner anura has fallen on deaf ears complaints to the health officials too have been made but so far nothing has been done


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