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  • Reply to: Live the story!   18 hours 51 min ago
    Well done & keep up the good work u r doing
  • Reply to: ‘Petrol underpriced in SL’   21 hours 31 min ago
    The petrol price must be floated and allowed to adjust according to the market fluctuations. It is fixed here in Sri Lanka. When the price was rock bottom we paid more than the world market price for years. Now it is higher and we pay low. That anomaly can be fixed if it is floated. Secondly the Petroleum minister of the former time made a mistake by going into a hedging about the price at over 100 dollars a barrel and within a year it dropped to 30.USD and the Sri Lankans has to make loss of millions of dollars to get out of it.The then government still kept on charging the higher price from us! All that can be avoided if the price is floated.
  • Reply to: Police to arrest Gnanasara Thera   22 hours 25 min ago
    No one in right mind commonsense basic intelligence will use religion to up himeself in his position. Religious teachings are only for the dole benefit of the individuals. Majority who follows religion must give dome respect to all other religion and use religion to seek admiration from others instead he hold be warned disciplined bu appropriate personal in his religion government guardian of law ie the police
  • Reply to: Group sending students to Russia behind SAITM protests - Chairman   22 hours 34 min ago
    There is another group on duplication road funding medicos who put up posters. There are others too for greed pay off students. Need to investigate corruption to get nation back on progressive changes.
  • Reply to: Buddhism not an extremist religion: PM   1 day 12 hours ago
    If I get free food, free lodging, free education, free respect - I will not be extremist, I will be very contended.
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    No religion is extremist. People are, like Gnanasara.
  • Reply to: Storming of Health Ministry: Two more suspects arrested   1 day 16 hours ago
    How funny.... those protesting against SAITM are the Fine Arts undergrads...... what a joke...... Where are the medical students? Obviously the MBBS clan "pin gonas" have pumped money for the cause.....
  • Reply to: M.G. Dhanushka pleads guilty; Court releases him from case on conditions   2 weeks 1 day ago
    The children should be happy and allow Dhanushka to sing their father's songs and he only made MS' songs popular once again on TV. Because of him at least children of MS;s may earn some money singing on TV or stage . Balla Piduru kanneth neha , kana gonata kanna denneth neha
  • Reply to: Charge sheets issued on 1,990 motorists for violating lane rules   2 weeks 1 day ago
    Lane rules are a step in the right direction to curb congestion and accidents.If cities like London and Melbourne with more volume of traffic than in Colombo are operating well, it must work in Colombo. Please do not favour the professional elite who will come with fake excuses for exigency to act in life and death situations. Also, introduce 'KEEP CLEAR' road signage marked prominently on the road surface at vulnerable road intersections.
    The car appears damaged on top and the side which indicate the car must have been travelling at speed when it missed the huge target of an elephant and hit it hard. I trust the animal was not hurt too much.
    Not only charged for speeding her eyesight needs checking if she could not see an elephant
  • Reply to: Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratories will be established island wide: Health Minister   2 weeks 1 day ago
    Health Minister and Prof. Carlo have common ground except with SAITM where Carlo goes crazy to rebel against MBBS without helping according to Ordinance. Even stranger is the fact Carlo is trying to force feed Act 16/ERPM after an MBBS which it does not even recognize anyway. Who can unravel this weird paradox he has created to delay. He knows deep inside that all free state and SAITM will iron out deficiencies at the end of internship and that is not the end either. It is lifelong training of professionals as seen here in an ongoing training in advances in the world till they stop practice. Carlo making MBBS an A/L Z score. It is not. MBBS is already trained and must go into practice, teaching, administration, and community projects where there is such a crying need. Power hungry god attitude judgments must fade. All SAITM must intern.
  • Reply to: Gnanasara Thera avoids court hearing citing death threats   2 weeks 1 day ago
    Charge this hooligan for contempt of court. It is astonishing that such a hoodlum should be scared to death threats.
  • Reply to: Impact of UNHRC Resolution on Sri Lanka   2 weeks 1 day ago
    Intresting word unified is intresting while politicians of the country not making any steps to upgrade war ravaged north and east other than building roads at random fashion not created any productive employment no social support which is expected in postwar or conflict period
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    All judges are competent but judgement on off get twisted in favour stoke thing difficult to identify such as political social racial personal often directed by. Others. In SriLanka only judges must be honest sympathetic must be from sell ethnic background supported by few foreign judges from commonwealth