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  • Reply to: ‘MR shedding crocodile tears on behalf of working people’   20 hours 33 min ago
    You people forget how many crocodile tears you shed for the people during the civil war. Did any of you raise a finger to stop this war? crocodiles and hypocrites cheating the people through and through, but lets see for how long....?
  • Reply to: Trump backs down on border wall funding   3 days 2 hours ago
    The wall will never be built because the cost will be prohibitive. Besides the estimated $21.6Billion, there's private properties to be bought from reluctant sellers forcibly using eminent domain legislature and finally the transport cost of heavy equipments. If the wall was to stop immigrants and drugs, it is more than useless because most illegal immigrants come legally by other means and overstay and the drugs usually come by sea.
  • Reply to: Compostable, biodegradable lunch sheets, bags solution to polythene issue   3 days 2 hours ago
    Are these available in the Sri Lankan market?
  • Reply to: Project approvals need to be fast tracked - CCI   3 days 8 hours ago
    fast approval is good. But will this compromise the screening process. I see lots of apartments coming up in Colombo 3. Will this result in congestion. Are we checking the background of these developers and are we having foreign expertise from Singapore, Malaysia to see how they handled this. Will the government be able to build flyovers to accomodate this increased load. Look in Dubai almost everyday a new flyover is completed.
  • Reply to: Colombo city to be cleared of beggars   3 days 10 hours ago
    Very good idea but before you do that get the city cleaned of garbage and stray dogs. After all beggars are also human beings and need sympathy but not in all cases. They should be given a place to live if possible and certanily not allow to beg but rehabilitated to earn their living by cleaning the streets etc. The realy disabled should be looked after by the state.
  • Reply to: Now Lohan, Janaka, Vidanagamage get the chop   3 days 10 hours ago
    Well done president sir, Better late than never. They cannot have one foot in the opposition and the other inside the Government and SLFP. Good riddance of bad rubbish!!!. Please do this cleaning up soon and get rid of the JO traitors as they are traitors to the SLFP and the country by preventing and obstructing every single move that is done for the larger good of this country and its people and the people will be behind the president if bold steps such as this are taken . Let them form their own party and do what ever they like. Also President should leave the SANDANAYA and go it alone as a clean, new, SLFP with many educated young people given the chance to serve the country. REMEMBER the corner is EDUCATED YOUNG PEOPLE not uneducated thugs and corrupt scum of society who come forward to serve us and then end up serving themselves with our money.
  • Reply to: Battle to abolish SAITM will continue: GMOA   3 days 13 hours ago
    GMOA wants SAITM nationalized. SLMC Deans want it abolished, or put under their exam. UGC has already approved the now accepted MBBS even in courts. Students entered as a govt. approved and recognized Career Institute of SL. Judiciary verdict is that SAITM is legal and to give them internship training to complete. All GMOA/SLMC wants to keep issue going for their political and monetary gain to destroy it. Politicians are confused by many changing reports of "vested interests of corrupt elite" UGC cant accept 2 different standards of MBBS legally. Let the SAITM MBBS get on with their internship, having discontinued prez. and registrar SLMC. Let the SAITM Institute be dealt with for long term change which takes time. It is totally a local board at present like NCMC and KDU. If Manipal/Monash foreign uni. coming here becomes a fact, it will produce doctors in 8-10 years. Let SLMC at that time approve MBBS, and not this confused lot. It is time for the affected doctors to be released legally from the injustice of jealous and competitive obstruction.
  • Reply to: Colombo city to be cleared of beggars   3 days 14 hours ago
    Are people who beg a mere eyesore ..or have they got some deep seated mental conditioning that needs Governnemt intervention and care a country where metha is a value that is upheld at every street corner where we hear the cahnting of the Pansil for to begin our day ..We who travel in luxury cars hope our luxury will rob off on these people conditioned to a life style of handouts ..that may have originated due to our mistaken belief that giving in this manner healed our minds and healed their minds too .
  • Reply to: Jayasumana brothers excel in table tennis   3 days 23 hours ago
    Well done
  • Reply to: ‘Dr. Neville Fernando Hospital not a teaching hospital’   4 days 5 hours ago
    What is the action of govt., is it taken over, or is it yet another false promise. If some non paying wards are built around it, it will as a govt. hospital draw crowds specially from the neighbourhood. High tech combined with service to the poor needs to be the vision. It could easily be tied up with nearby Mulleriyawa General and emergency treatment units for the non fee paying as well. It has potential to use space round it
  • Reply to: Battle to abolish SAITM will continue: GMOA   4 days 9 hours ago
    "Nationalise SAITM" cry by GMOA AP or else UGC has to differentiate between 2 different levels of their MBBS and set an additional after MBBS exam. to SAITM together with SLMC. Is it part ERPM 2 year exam. under mafia. What kind of a joke is this, that SLMC deans under the UGC, are making UGC chairman answerable for, when KDU and NCMC MBBS outside state med. got internship training by the same Carlo team. Height of weird SLMC duplicity. Manipal/Monash imaginary MBBS 8 years away is NOT A NOW issue.
  • Reply to: Million solar powered houses by 2020   5 days 2 hours ago
    they will steal all the money and we will not have more than 10 houses with solar power , thieves!!
  • Reply to: Battle to abolish SAITM will continue: GMOA   5 days 3 hours ago
    GMOA buddies committed suicide by asking minimal standards. Welcome SAITM well qualified doctors to the Government Hospitals to save innocent patients !!!
  • Reply to: Two students nabbed for robbery   5 days 5 hours ago
    They should be sent for rehabilitation
  • Reply to: Obituaries   5 days 6 hours ago
    Whilst there are a handful of efficient taxi service operators others especially Three Wheel service is conducted by undesireable elements who fleece passengers and are stationed near hospitals and shopping centres, churches,templesetc. These drivers are a law unto themselves and even the Police are slow to take action against this Mafia as they take 'Kapan" from them to turn a blind eye. Many of the vehicles used by them are dilapidated and a risk to travel in, Especially old and feeble people as well as women are harassed by such drivers. Its a les-faire system and usually the plea is that the meter is broken or they do not have change. Many of the taxis are not owned by the operating companies and when there is a telephone call up number the person who answers the phone enquires about the points of travel. Should it be a short distance more often than not states that taxis are not available at the time. The Uber Service is a highly disorganised one with drivers fleecing unsuspcting clients. There have been instances where a journey from Colombo to Jaela had cost Rs.3500/- according to the drivers fraudulent meter! Therefore this calls for strict regulation of the industry that will carry heavy penalties to the operating companies and the individual driver. Another important issue is that many drivers are not familiar with the roads or pretend to be so rhus taking passengers on circuitous rides in order to inflate the bill. Therefore the primary criterion in issuing a taxi driving licence must be after a candidate has passed a road orientation test and the licence to be confined to the area covered. What is brought about here is in addition to the comprehensive points covered in the news article.