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  • Reply to: Mahanayake Theras urge President, Prime Minister to solve SAITM issue   12 hours 58 min ago
    Insane SLMC Deans unable discipline their own students are manipulating Chief Prelates unable discipline their own sangha, to pressure govt. to bring new laws with their "illegal proposals called solutions" when SAITM is still under the legal framework under which it registered and gave MBBS degrees. New laws don't apply to these SAITM MBBS. Now they must complete internship training to iron out deficiencies like for all other MBBS, and then be registered with an honest, unbiased and just SLMC of integrity to practice in SL. They have the legality to exist, though jealous Deans are against it with intent to harass. We say "give way"
  • Reply to: Airbus should have been cautious on SriLankan’s financial plight before deal - Eran   15 hours 8 min ago
    Are we to think that Airbus has not assessed business case of the customer[SriLankan] before commencing production of Aircrafts ? :-)
  • Reply to: GMOA ruining future of medical students: Kiriella   16 hours 58 min ago
    Any idiot will know that most people in SriLanka does not want to send their kids to government unis because of the JVP poking their fingers into everything and the students are on roads more than attending lectures. So the only way to stop money going out of the country is to have more private medical schools. Think about the country without being selfish.
  • Reply to: GMOA ruining future of medical students: Kiriella   16 hours 59 min ago
    It is sad that we have a lot of crooks in the government uni with island mentality. Paid universities are everywhere in the world. It is an illusion of you to destroy saitm without facts . If you are not crazy, give right facts and prove them. Mere shouting and token strikes do not change anything.
  • Reply to: Family politics   17 hours 28 sec ago
    Like all appointments in the public and private sectors, persons who seek a career in politics should be armed with minimum educational and other requirements. A prospective Member of Parliament, ideally, should be a Graduate or alumnus of a recognised school, colllege or university (Attorney-at-law, Doctor, Accountant, etc.) or have three (3) GCE Advanced Level passes obtained in not more than two sittings of this examination PLUS at least ten (10) year's experience in an managerial or executive capacity in a recognized organization. A suitable Clause should be incorporated into the envisaged New Constitution. If not, as Plato declared, we will continue to be be governed by our inferiors..!
  • Reply to: Mahanayake Theras urge President, Prime Minister to solve SAITM issue   17 hours 25 min ago
    Can any solution be acceptable to SAITM except for MBBS graduates to go into internship and be able to practice in Sri Lanka which becomes illegal without SLMC registration willfully withheld maliciously. This solution of justice was given on 31st January 2017, but rebellious Karl Marx SLMC will not align with democratic govt. though SLMC is a govt. body. They shout "minimum standards" without inspecting SAITM over the last 2 years violating the Medical Ordinance. SLMC insanity can only be corrected by reporting it to GMC UK asking for an inquiry team why the law of the land is not carried out. Rioters must be made to stop. SAITM must receive justice in internship as SLMC duplicity allows low standard Rajarata and Eastern MBBS
  • Reply to: GMOA ruining future of medical students: Kiriella   17 hours 34 min ago
    Buildings do not make aman a graduate or professional. Need qualified educators good library laboratories research ambitions from educators no interference from politicians religious maniacs.honest ambitious studious students must occupy those buildings
    Suspects if you think may be few or many. Some unfortunate kept locked up.not few days months years. Violations of human right liberty freedom violated. All arrested must be clearly told why they are kept confined if no charges laid they must be freed. Bar association must see to that this happen. Government is violating basic human rights. Is there an ignorance hers what are the legal advisors doing.there is no terrorism in lanka at present so says our president prime minister
  • Reply to: For Clarence Wijewardena, who never left   1 day 3 hours ago
    Well written
  • Reply to: Sumanthiran files fresh FR against Swaminathan   1 day 16 hours ago
    Personal responsible must be living in fridges do they know north al that matter al the country in tropics close to equator those responsible in France those who agreed must not fit for what they are doing. Not and humid house I steel shame on you
  • Reply to: PM’s lament   1 day 16 hours ago
    Keeping citizen in prison against any reason without trial biolate democracy .,president met protestors in jaffna., he need to seek judiciary advice
  • Reply to: Future of education   1 day 16 hours ago
    Not vital for human development. Too many students cram get tution work nervously to succeed. Age when you play climb tres goodie stay enjoy. Students must study to keep up eith teacher attend school read draw play. Not a right age for any competition . Intrest enthusiasm must come as student sge. I gor one beleive sll public exam must be after child reach grade 8 and ups
  • Reply to: NEW CONSTITUTION NEEDED - Malwatte Prelate   1 day 16 hours ago
    A political interpretation of nonexistent thing tansy no one in country has a dislike for any religion. A personal matter respected by all. Still some monks of Buddhist faith not behaving as he was taught to attain monk hood politicians and state should leave religion alone.
  • Reply to: 133 commemoration of C.W.W. Kannangara’s birthday, today   2 days 18 hours ago
    One of the best things for citizens after independence. Rest one wonders
  • Reply to: ‘GMOA will defeat Health Minister’s alleged intimidation’   2 days 19 hours ago
    GMOA is under the Minister and has to take orders or rebel. GMOA does not have unlimited dictatorial powers and has to obey judicial verdict and law of the land. Health minister is part of collective executive cabinet body in the government unlike GMOA TU for members only. SLMC is part of govt. but it violated Medical Ordinance with malice to SAITM. Court verdict of internship to SAITM on January 31st 2017, would have ended the problem, but for rabid communist lunatic Carlo's behavior in an clashing democratic govt., aided by unpredictable SLMC Deans warming chairs, clueless about clinical standards. Chaos is the result.