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  • Reply to: Rajinikanth cancels Sri Lanka visit   1 day 5 hours ago
    It is hilarious to read that the South Indian celluloid hero Mr: Rajinikanth had planned to meet the president Sirisena with a view to urging the president to find a lasting solution to the problem of fishermen. Does he think that the said problem was created by our president or our past or present government? He should turn to his cohorts among the Tamilnadu politicians who are behind this problem. Everybody knows that the errant fishermen sail into Sri Lankan waters, aboard the boats rented by Tamilnadu politicians. Furthermore I wonder whether an actor from a peripheral Indian province is entitled and allowed to meet our president and discuss an issue of national importance affecting both countries, without getting the permission from the central government of India. Is this the normal diplomatic protocol?
  • Reply to: Wimal seeks bail highlighting daughter’s health condition as an exceptional circumstance   1 day 16 hours ago
    What will the Courts do if all those in the Remand Prison also go on hunger strike and cite the illness of their children as exceptional circumstances! And if the courts succumb these demands, the Justice system, no doubt, will turn in to a joke in Sri Lanka.
  • Reply to: Love & Majesty   1 day 17 hours ago
    In the midst of the beautiful details described here, what I recall as a school child without TV, is the film "Royal Wedding", the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, and royal wedding vows three fold to God and man. It was later at her coronation that she got the authority symbols of robe, crown, scepter, orb and throne to represent kingly government on earth as it is in heaven as the unseen spiritual Kingdom of God reigning on the earth. The British monarchy with all its flaws, continues as a living symbol of a higher government and kingdom decrees in the legislature, judiciary and executive. An American touring a british castle was inspired to write the well known chorus " Majesty, worship his majesty, Unto Jesus be all glory, honour and praise. Majesty, kingdom authority, flows from his throne, unto his own, his anthem raise" God is love and Jesus the king will come back for a glorified church.
  • Reply to: Wimal seeks bail highlighting daughter’s health condition as an exceptional circumstance   1 day 17 hours ago
    the reasons for bail is hilarious thie clown thinks , the people of this country are fools
  • Reply to: Wimal seeks bail highlighting daughter’s health condition as an exceptional circumstance   1 day 18 hours ago
    Will the Government anounce that if all other daughters of other prisnors too go on hunger strikes whether they too will be released? This is a conspiracy between father and daughter who seems to be no good, doing what she is doing by threatening the establishment. A 15 years old can do this type of thing without realising that there is a law in this country and everybody is equal in the law what type of thinking does she have to go on a threatening strike. Good lord!! at the age of 15 if this is what she can do, then we dread to think what she will do when she grow up to be a young woman!!!!. Dont take any notice of this father daughter tactics. Let the law take its own course and we hope that no precedents will be set by the judges but treat this as another case of fraud and mishandling of public money for which he should b sent for 20 years to prison, recover all that he has robbed from us and shut him up for ever because when he opens his foul mouth the example set for the younger generation is counter productive and we do not want any body emulating him in the future. We want Gentlemen and not foul speaking, eyes popping, hatered personified, uneducated thugs like weerawansa in the comming generations.
  • Reply to: SOME TEACHINGS OF JESUS FOR LENT SEASON: Seek and you will find   1 day 18 hours ago
    This is what our nation needs now, to heal the sick and suffering, bring the lost back to the fold, deliver the demonised and chase the demons to enter the pigs and drown in the sea. The earth is not meant for the wicked to live on but turn. Storms stirred by demons are powerless against his command to bless children growing up to be the next generation. O how we need all these miracles right now in our confused raging SL
  • Reply to: ‘Neville Fernando Hospital is not a teaching hospital’   1 day 21 hours ago
    What took so long for SM and DM to discover that. Have Anuradhapura and Batticaloa hospitals been gazetted as teaching hospitals, please let the public know that. Wonder why Professors were employed fulltime for NFTH. Must be to wear cloaks, hoods, caps and parade to drum beats. The descent of the GMOA/SLMC combo groping for a lifeline is pathetic. Worse still, destroying a noble profession.
  • Reply to: Wimal seeks bail highlighting daughter’s health condition as an exceptional circumstance   1 day 22 hours ago
    No, this piece of scum does not deserve any sympathy or leniency for the frauds he had committed.
  • Reply to: ‘Neville Fernando Hospital is not a teaching hospital’   2 days 3 min ago
    I have been to the state hospitals and private ones in Australia and as a patient I know when the team arrives with the students that the Prof is introducing his students to a medical situation to apply the theory of the text books .But Private patient wants their privacy and the Docs are their choice rather than a case study for learning ..Only State hospitals are used as teaching hospitals due to wide range of medical issues and the equipment provided is practical to given situations ..This is just an observation for comparative study ..even if a specialist never visits a public hospital after opting out for lucrative reasons yet his experience at the public hospital is far reaching and helpful ..The health of our people should be above this bun fight..
  • Reply to: Five corruption cases against Johnston Fernando, two others fixed for trial   2 days 17 min ago
    He pretends that he is clean BUT behind he knows that he is GUILTY. We have NO idea why he is always travelling abroad ??? We suspect that he maybe the courrier service for the TOP ten corrupt money to be withdrawned and transfer to other Banks ????? I guess the secret service should pay close attention. He knows that during the former regime there were many products bought from abroad to be sold at the SATHOSA so we never know that he is going and meeting the sellers to collect his commisssions or corrupt money which has been kept or collected by his contact person or family. We need to pay attention to which countries he is flying ??? he is a guy who will sell garbage for MONEY. We don't think that he is carrying coconuts from Kurunegala to sell abroad ???
  • Reply to: Wimal seeks bail highlighting daughter’s health condition as an exceptional circumstance   2 days 28 min ago
    It is NOT your right to be exceptional by misusing and abusing and corruption of during the Rajapaksha regime? You know that such offence is a criminal act. So you have to face the verdict. You really took full advantage of your ministerial position and used government money as it was your family treasure !!! Still you are trying to fool the government and the citizens that misusing government money is a god given right for you ???? Sorry you should be out of your mind. IF YOU ARE FASTING AND DEMANDING BAIL THEN WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER PRISONERS OR CONVICTS WHO COULD FOLLOW YOUR PATH TO BAIL THEMSELVES ????? WIMAL YOU ARE JUST A CRY BABY SO DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN TO FOLLOW YOUR FASTING ACT !!!!! WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IS TO PRAY AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS FROM GOD ALMIGHTY. WIMAL YOU MIGHT HAVE TO SELL ALL THEY PROPERTIES WHICH YOU HAVE INHERITED BY MISUSING GOVERNMENT AND CITIZENS MONEY !!!!! LET THE COURT DECIDE AND GIVE YOU THE PERIOD WHERE YOU WILL HAVE TO STAY IN AND DO GOOD AND TEACH GOOD THINGS TO THE PRISONERS. THAT IS THE GOOD HUMAN SACRIFICE WHERE YOU COULD GET REHABILITATED.
  • Reply to: Court notices not delivered to JO members   2 days 17 hours ago
    corrupt cops talking rubbish again
  • Reply to: Court recalls warrant against Dhammaloka Thera   2 days 17 hours ago
    what an ignorant clergy there are many like him who have no respect for the law time to disrobe him and send him to a hena to work for a living
  • Reply to: ‘UNHRC, EU insistence on foreign judges threatens country’s sovereignty’: Wijeyadasa   2 days 18 hours ago
    Yes the constitution is previous however it is made by a group of peoples. SriLsnka being a member of UNO and other world organization is also subjected to certain rules and regulations with respect to its behaviour towards its citizens As such it is vital it respect the guidelines set up by UNHRC. And deal with it appropriately with minor approval in parliament
  • Reply to: Sri Lanka Strongly condemns terrorist attack   2 days 19 hours ago
    while totally condemning the terrorist attack and our sympathies to ht e families of the victims, this is what one would call " ditta dhamma vedeniya karmay" to the British. It is theyn who helped and nurtured and gave assylem to the LTTE terrorosts by giving them all the facilities, sympathies and even gave them asylem status when our people were murdered in cold blood during the war. It is they who sympathased with the Tamil diaspora and they still do. So when it comes to terrorost attackes on them , only then they realise the gravatiy and heart break to those affected. So British should now realisdie that be is ISIS or any other terrorost funding agency living in UK all of them are teerorists and there is no difference. When it happens to them only they realise what it is to be a victim of terroroism.One message to theb Brits is that when you harm others and do not undertand what it is to be a victim of terrorosm, it is dam good for all of you to realise that when it happens there it is retribution and nothing else.