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  • Reply to: Executive promise!   2 hours 14 min ago
    Rata bedana niwata horu 3 denek. Munwa hirae dapan.
  • Reply to: Raviraj Murder: Court dismisses wife’s appeal   2 hours 40 min ago
    Sri Lanka has lost it's system of Justice. The All-Sinhala panel of jurists declared the killers "Not Guilty". The Jurists must certainly have been paid enormous sums of money to give this verdict. Looks like the Judges holding offices too are not clean. The wife of Raviraj may have spent quite a packet in lodging this appeal and the Verdict given by the Appeals Court does not augur well for Sri Lanka and its people. We are also quite certain that the same verdict will be given in Lasantha Wickremetunge's case as well. Thajudeen and Ekneligoda Murderers too will go scot free. This is the Justice system in Sri Lanka. Is it Justice or JUST - ICE
  • Reply to: largest ever heroin haul: AG to indict Lankans, foreigners involved   5 hours 23 min ago
    Name and shame might stop this dastardly criminal act of getting at people and making them mental cripples just to be rich and indulge in an opulent life style .People I have met point at mansions of the drug barons but shsh the silence grows amidst fears of what happened to others who dared .Are these few the only culprits or are there many behind the scene ? ..for the victims are many .
  • Reply to: Peace Air makes US$ 2.2 bn bid to run Mattala Airport   5 hours 55 min ago
    After a very long time Gamini Weda Singhe has come out from the den to proclaim piece, like the northern rebels, whoever visited them, they claimed that they were yearning for Piece. He will show the ginger and take away the Little amount of Peanuts remaining. as left over. Already, all matters related to the investigation were termed by SL Airline management as personal and should not be investigated.
  • Reply to: MR day dreaming: Samarasinghe   7 hours 2 min ago
    He was the first to jump from UNP to Mahinda Rajapakse, whenMR came to power. Then he was the first few Ministers to leave Mahinda Ranajapakse and jump to UNP. Thanks to former president JR Jayawardena he came to politics from the back door. While in MR's clan just before the elections he commented that UNP will never defeat MR. That was the election meeting UNP supporters were blamed to have assaulted Mahind R's supporters. Could you trust any of these politicians.
  • Reply to: India, Sri Lanka in talks on port   11 hours 7 min ago
    same time they have to bring toilezt too
  • Reply to: Pakistan: Woman sentenced to death for burning daughter alive   11 hours 15 min ago
    What a DASTARDLY act by a mother and brother. The only crime committed by that young girl was that she was in love. Despite the danger to herself, Zenat Rafique must have loved her family very much indeed to hope for reconciliation; yet that barbaric religion which is really a cult sought to exact revenge because their "HONOUR" was was injured. I hope these two murderers get their just reward when they meet their maker. These ignorant morons should come to know that Almighty God is a JUST God but he is also an EVER FORGIVING GOD to those who truly repent As stated by Sylvia HAIK in her comment on Tue, 01/17/2017 - 20:28, What a waste of 3 lives by illiterate morons
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    The headline screams about an MOU for restoration work ,an agreement between Cola and the CEA ..but reading on we find it is a monitoring plant to check on water pollution ..already compensation has been paid to the CEA ..and so what now we have to monitor the water for them to continue with their industries located near the Kelani ganga ..How generous is that ?..if such industries pollute the water it hurt the people who live near the river and use it for their daily needs of a swim or bathing ..and then if there is pollution then compensation to the CEA to ..explain please what happens at the CEA level when they realize that pollution happened they would protect those who are living by the river and not only those who get water at the tap ..
  • Reply to: Son of High Court judge assaulted for refusing to be ragged   13 hours 29 min ago
    Why is the Vice Chancellor of this University so damn ineffective that he/she cannot stop this barbaric behavior AT ONCE. The VC should be removed IMMEDIATELY or submit himself to ragging himself. If not he is not worthy of his office.
  • Reply to: Raviraj Murder: Court dismisses wife’s appeal   15 hours 52 min ago
    Because of the controversy and the widespread suspicions, I hope somebody of authority would explain why the suspects were acquitted.
  • Reply to: Chief Ministers to meet MR   15 hours 57 min ago
    Knowing MR so well, he will bandy this about as if he is of some importance. His only weapon is his capacity of destruction of a dear party and he does not deserve this platform. By all accounts he should be in jail.
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    expel all of them . No matter how long their colleagues struck. This has to stop
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    The world supper power is the USA, so don't Sri Lanka offer Trincomalee Port to the USA, she had her interests on it for many years. Do not antagonize the USA. SL took over Iranawila as well, so Give the port to the USA. Why Sri Lanka is angry with the USA. It's too bad.
  • Reply to: Recommendation of GSP +to Sri Lanka: EU denies laying down any conditions   16 hours 55 min ago
    To obtain GSP + should Sri Lanka change the constitution so everyone living in Sri Lanka receives fundamental human rights, which is not so today. Sri Lanka has its own apartheid policy today against uländska citizens (spouse). The same thing happened during the 60s in South Africa, through the sanctions and bojkot of South African goods was finally correct these injustices There are certainly not many people are aware of these injustices, but will not Sri Lanka to enable all legal residents in Sri Lanka same rättiheter as Sinhalese citizens so will the outside world to know it. Then there will be no GSP + but might instead sanctions and boycott of Sinhalese goods.
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    (1) clean (2) clean (3) clean