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  • Reply to: About 500,000 stray dogs in Sri Lanka : National policy on stray dogs soon: Musthapha   5 hours 51 min ago
    As a tourist in Sri Lanka I find it absolutely distressing to see the plight of dogs, and the attitude that they are a nuisance and not worth any concern...our driver just laughs about them. It is the Government that should be taking action to desexualise animals, treat them, and ensure their well being, not just as rabies carriers. It is amazing that these animals are so perfectly behaved!
  • Reply to: Malwatte Prelate calls to end stalemate situation   9 hours 57 min ago
    very good advice
  • Reply to: Peradeniya Teaching Hospital creates history   13 hours 5 min ago
    Great achievement KEEP IT UP GOD BLESS
  • Reply to: Run-O-Walk tomorrow   23 hours 30 min ago
    Had a good time, thanks for hosting this. My only concern was that by starting the smaller children first, the older runners had to run through them ... which was quite dangerous as the smaller children would generally sprint for a hundred meters or so and then just stop. This created a lot of congestion at the beginning of the race as the older runners had to navigate through all the younger ones. Perhaps next year, you can either run them on a separate course, or start the older runners first?
    Socially this teenager has been troubled within his own self. But extremely sad pathetic he we went shooting innocent students. Why anyone did not come gorward from the community to give him moral emotional support even the school who expelled him know his emotional problem with his extreme anxiety ridden with depression in unhappiness family situations. Yes quoted in media
  • Reply to: Family Budget Unit to help with home economy of families   1 day 7 hours ago
    My wife point out everything going up in price.quality inferior.quantity less. Cost high. Service not up to expectations. People working hard. It seems we are racing without reaching the destination.tierd and not satisfied with al, the effort. Traffic messy street clogged garbage everywhere. No mental peace.
  • Reply to: Calculating the people’s verdict   1 day 7 hours ago
    No one seemed to be happy in his her heart mind how the country is governed.
  • Reply to: Malwatte Prelate calls to end stalemate situation   1 day 7 hours ago
    It is advisable and wise politicians hear prelates comments opinions social political economic reconciliation. All slow and tardy no sense of directions or guidance. Quicker action taken not random talks the better for the society and country
  • Reply to: Malwatte Prelate calls to end stalemate situation   1 day 7 hours ago
    It is advisable and wise politicians hear prelates comments opinions social political economic reconciliation. All slow and tardy no sense of directions or guidance. Quicker action taken not random talks the better for the society and country
  • Reply to: Ranil as PM in new look Yahapalanaya govt.   1 day 7 hours ago
    Yes your time limit expires at that time. We need to know your achievement from the day you are elected the achievements till now socially politically economically culturally regards to religions languages employment human rights reconciliation advancement education health security
  • Reply to: Parineeti turns vocalist for new movie   2 days 3 hours ago
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  • Reply to: Moves to form SLFP, UPFA Govt.- Dinesh   2 days 9 hours ago
    1. Condition No: 1......... Noperson who has been named as a thief, fraudster or who has a court case, of person who are neamed in the PRECIFAC report to be given any portfolio. 2. All person named in the PRESIFAC to be tried in the special courts you promised, heard to a conclusion within 3 months and by end of 2018 all guilty to be sent to prison with no special treat ments. 3. Prison hospital to be out of bounds to all these rogues and if they fall sick send the doctor to the cell and treatment given in any appropriate manner but inside the cell 4. All guilty ones should be scattered all over the other prisons and ensure that they are not in contact with each other. 5. All cell phones to be confiscated. 6. All jail guards to be constantly monitored and if found aiding and abetting then send them home or prison. 7. Lt the people know the magnitude of the rime, punishment given, and you will find that your SLFP can go it alone without any others hanging on to you for their benefit and not ours. 7. People like Weerawansa, aluthgamage, , tell the peoploe what they were, who they were, what their socila c status were before comming to politics and how they acquirted all this wealth. Take over all the ill gotten wealth and tell the people how mcu, and where it is deposited and how you propose to use that money for our development. Expose their educational qualifications forst and then ensure only, educated, qualified, decent people whose records do not have black spots are recruited, irrespective of party, and reduce the cabinet to a maximum of 25 and nothing more. Follow what happened to leaders of other countries such as Mubarak, Khalida Zia, Jayalalita, African leaders and follow the same exdample. YOU WILL FINE SIR, DONT FEAR. DO THE CORRECT THIN AND KEEP THE PEOPLE INFORMED.
  • Reply to: I will abide by the Constitution - PM   2 days 9 hours ago
    1. Priority No:...... Catch the thieves, fraudsters , hear the cases as quickly as posible without draging them for years ( withing 1 month) in those new courts. 2. If found guilty, put thyem in prison and not the hospital and let then serve the sentance like any other riminal 3. Inform the people of the details of crime done, how much was robbed from us and recover that money immediately and show proof to us. 4. Start with the Rajapakses and conclude each case within 1 month without dragging it which is another one of your ploys given the fact that you and Rajapakse are thick pals. We know it so dont deny it. 5. Immediately inform the public, who are the thieves, Murderers, or who gavve murders to be done, etc, and as far as we know, take over all that Basil, Gota , Namal robbed by commissions, expressways Migs etc and give details to us in very simple language. 6. Get the incomes of people like Rohitha, Aluthgamage, Jonston, WElgama, Keheliya, and other major horu before they came to power and what their current riches are and how they acquired tyhem given the salary that nay MP or Minister gets. For a start start immediately start on the new legal process and see how the tide will turn. People are not fools but we have waited 3 years and nothing has happened with regard to catching horu. What were you doing when Wijedasa Rajapakse was the Justice Minister sir? You are also a lawyer and did it take a simple election for you to realsise that he too is a Rajapakse loyalist and justn let things drag on knowing fully well how old fashined our legal system is. Priority No: 1 is modernise your legal system and finish off all these 84 cases pronto within 1 month and ensure that corrupt prison doctors too are sent home for issuing bogus medical reports. Prison hospital should be out of bounds to all of them. "Recover what Shiranti Rajapakse spent on that Paris hotel from her" and expose her too. If Bangaladesh and Egype can do it why are you so frightened to do it? If you are scared give that task to the PRESIDENT with all judical powers too and he will deliver the goods in no time.
  • Reply to: Open warrant re-issued against Jaliya Wickramasuriya   2 days 9 hours ago
    These open warrants no one cares, interpol red warrants all failures, They could not bring Udayanga, Jaliya or the underworld heroin thugs back to this country to punish legally. All those involved for money laundering are allowed to go abroad to enjoy with their money in the foreign banks and take their girls as well.
  • Reply to: Warrant issued against Sugathananda Thera, Ryan Jayalath   2 days 10 hours ago
    Did the two fail to notify the court , thinking of a dream-change of the government ?