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  • Reply to: Marapana, new Foreign Affairs Minister   2 hours 29 min ago
    Jaffna is being patrolled, under a dubious pretext, by government soldiers, against what is required in the last UNHRC resolution, after Buddangala Buddhist priest visited Jaffna and met a Judge, who went on his knees to worship the priest, in a slave posture. The priest however cynically laughed at the judge, evidenced by a photo published in “Island” daily newspaper. Neither the judge nor the Buddhist priest appear serious in their acts. For me, it looked like a fake drama, staged with a hidden agenda. The priest, a retired army general, later went to Palaly military camp to meet soldiers, thereafter, the patrolling by the soldiers started in Jaffna. Buddangala, started and named by this retired army general, who opted to be a priest, in this area 50 years ago, then occupied predominantly by indigenous Tamils for many centuries. The priest terrorised, murdered many Tamils and chased away the rest in an act of Tamil genocide, to make it a “Sinhala land”. The UNHRC should open a public investigation leading to an International Inquiry to ascertain the truth, and grant justice, not only in Buddangala but in all such areas in the North East, where there is and had been ethnic cleansing or Tamil genocide; if the GSL, UNHRC and the world are serious about Democracy, rule of Law, Human Rights, constitution and reconciliation in SL.
  • Reply to: Country's economy stabilising under present government: Prime Minister   2 hours 53 min ago
    He is really in deep slumber even in daylight. We do not want story tellers making false propaganda. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!
  • Reply to: Ryan Jayalath remanded   3 hours 26 min ago
    Looking at this thug he is not fit to be a doctor anyway. Not shaven , ill groomed and having a thughsh look does not in anyway earns the respect and onfidence of any patient. His behaviour and his paid activities by politicians has brough in untold hardships and frustrations to the thousands of students who are forced to take part in demonstrations without allowing them to continue their studies and pass out as respected doctors. We do not want thugs and hooligans as doctors to treat us whethr no or in the future. Therefore this type of leader should be behind bars for a very very long time so that we the people can get on with our lives and those who want to persue their meical education too can do so without threats and intimidation.Looking at his eye balls he projects a disturbed personality laced with hatered and such people are not fit to be doctors.He should be in jail for at least 10 years and we the people are well off without characters like him in our lives specially when it comes to medical treatment.
  • Reply to: Sixteen cases against Rajapaksa regime big wigs to High Courts   4 hours 13 min ago
    This is to pass the election time successfully and justify Wijedasa to stay as a justice minister. After election in December, these dates will be postponed in long breaks and nothing will happen.
  • Reply to: Country needs dedicated public servants: President   5 hours 46 min ago
    First of all we need dedicated and honest politicians!
  • Reply to: Country's economy stabilising under present government: Prime Minister   7 hours 31 min ago
    What outright lies after your cronies have robbed left and right and are still robbing.
  • Reply to: Govt on witch-hunt against Rajapaksa's - JO   10 hours 12 min ago
    GL and Mr. Gunawardana, please tell us whether there is a separate law for the Jo members and a separate law for the ordinary citizens of this country. If any body JO or otherwise is prosecuted under the law of this country then if they are proved guilty then the law should be applied to all. What make these tow eminent gentlmen think that any JO man or UNP man or SLFP man is above the law. SARe you trying to say that if anybody belonging to any nof the above 3 categories have done something un lawful that they be excused because they happen to be politicians JO members or who ever and not just ordinary citizens.Are you saying that they are innocent? Then prove it in courts and get out as free men.
  • Reply to: Sixteen cases against Rajapaksa regime big wigs to High Courts   10 hours 29 min ago
    Its quite surprising that all of a sudden the AG department has woken from a deep sleep only after the whole country was shouting as to why the corruption cases were not being heard soon and therefore it is quite evident that the big wigs at AG department were deliberately delaying the cases presumably because they were under the pay roll of the Rajapakses or Rajapakse loyalists. We the people hope that these cases will be heard to a conclusion without any more postponements and the accused if found guilty to be punished according to the law irrespective of who they are. In the mean time it will be prudent to find out as to who was delaying these cases at AG department and weed out these saboteurs and expose them to the people so that the government can come out clean. Full publicity to be given to the extent of the fraud, case heard and punishment given like the way they did of Duminda silva, vass Gunawardana etc . If the culprits are sent to prison at least for 10 years the UNP and even the SLFP without the JO SLFP ganga will win the lections hand down. However both parties must ensure that when the General election comes to ensure , that good, clean, educated persons from good backgrounds be given nominations and not the likes of the JO fellows who are neither educated, nor refined, nor honest and not fit to be sent to parliament let alone even a Pradesheeya sabaha.Both parties must ensure that young, eucated and REFINED people from good back grounds are trained from now on to be in readiness for the next General Election to get nomination.
  • Reply to: NLB, DLB to be placed back under Finance and Mass Media Ministry   20 hours 45 min ago
    Joke of the year
  • Reply to: Ritzbury powers Sir John Tarbet Junior School Athletics: Championship kicks off on October 22 in Embilipitiya   1 day 2 hours ago
    This meet is very useful for our future
  • Reply to: SLFI begins Politics, Political Leadership Diploma course   1 day 5 hours ago
    The man whilst pretending to promote a non ethnic politics he talks of devolution and the need to force Tamil on others. Instead we need a leader ship which does not see differences in people but sees the need to push all to see the achieve the their development goals and security. Corruprion free state. His attempt is to win the Tamil vote by raising issues such as language and boundaries.
  • Reply to: Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne appointed new Chief of Defence Staff   1 day 16 hours ago
    mr ,,,,, very clver for that!
  • Reply to: Police have power to arrest Namal: Court   1 day 17 hours ago
    If no one is above the law, why should police seek power to arrest Namal, He has clearly broken the law.
  • Reply to: Police have power to arrest Namal: Court   1 day 18 hours ago
    When poorly educated politicians tries to take the law into their hand the ordinary citizen too would do the same
  • Reply to: Police have power to arrest Namal: Court   1 day 18 hours ago
    Yes , as long as he is a citizen of the country , the police can arrests for misbehaviour , accident , crime or a thuggish work . No matter who you are or he , every citizen has to obey the respective law . As a gentleman face the circumstances .