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  • Reply to: Son of High Court judge assaulted for refusing to be ragged   2 days 5 hours ago
    The university administration is doing nothing to stop this,especially in the arts faculty. Anti rag students are harassed all the time and the administration ignores it. These rag students ct with complete impunity
  • Reply to: Harsha clarifies on Volkswagen debacle   2 days 7 hours ago
    The minister was on tape talking big about bringing VW on a Derana TV show. He talked about how a 10 year old Rajapakse government could not do it and how VW which beat Toyota in total sales one year is coming to Sri Lanka. Even at that time he did not have all the facts. A swindler got free land and all the BOI perks for bringing in a so called spare parts factory. NO ONE builds Assembly plants without a certain company or model they have in mind to assemble. So the minister got scammed and had no shame. He was talking too big. President Sirisena is a great simple man and he does not talk big.
  • Reply to: Angelo confident of bouncing back, says SLC president   2 days 9 hours ago
    We didn't beleave what Dilshan stated at his retirement speech. Now we realized that he was correct.
  • Reply to: Sashi Welgama further remanded   2 days 9 hours ago
    These fellows like kuma,shasshi welgama would be cursed for nerations to come ,there children would also be cursed with contagious lnesses for generations to come ,we curse them for what they have to poor folks in live in villages eating yam for a meal.these filthy bastards must be publicly punished and dumped in the Kelani or the Kalu ganga.we curse them more every day.
  • Reply to: Iran female bodybuilder arrested for un-Islamic photos   2 days 10 hours ago
    Even God Almighty does not judge man before he dies. Looks like man is the judge, jury and executioner even before the man dies. No Repentance allowed. Stupid Man.
  • Reply to: India, Sri Lanka in talks on port   2 days 11 hours ago
    Have we got any port to offer US? But then it will be a problem.
  • Reply to: Jaffna hopes for the best   2 days 14 hours ago
    Government with local members of parliament selected leaders of the community must review and come to a conclusion. Military cannot occupy private lands morally not right unless they pay compensation for owners with negotiable lease arrangements legally executed with consent of the parties. Citizens should know their country not play a came of bravery with a cowardly attitude. Honesty with justice truth must be there with trust and cooperation
  • Reply to: Son of High Court judge assaulted for refusing to be ragged   2 days 14 hours ago
    Take those crooks to the Galle Face Green and shoot them in the open air. And to stop the drug trade learn from Gulf Countries how they implement the punishment by beheading the culprit before they destroy our others.
  • Reply to: Changes cannot be made without referendum: TNA   2 days 14 hours ago
    Must be confident trustful sharing trusting cooperating wishful thinking yes supporting.know thyself Price comes with sacrifice.reward come with knowledge hardworking patience. Need self confidence if not no success
  • Reply to: India, Sri Lanka talks to develop Trincomalee port in final stage   2 days 15 hours ago
    TRincomalee Port is the largest natural deep water port in the world. Sri Lanka jealously guarded this port from foreign domination. Especially, Late President Jayewardene never allowed thos port to go into hands of India nor the USA. USA bid by a secondary company to tender and India wanted through Indian oil on the so called Tank farm development project which was cancelled as CIA was involved. Sri Lanka now wants it to be given it to India. This port is of stategic importnce for Sri Lanka. The LTTE was financed and trained to seperate Sri Lanka into north and East for Tamil for the sole purpose of having control of Trincomalee port. This is the worst decision taken by the Sri Lanka government to sell Si Lanka to Tamils
  • Reply to: Coca Cola interested in using Sri Lanka as a production hub   2 days 15 hours ago
    Its healthier to encourage the locals to bottle healthy and beneficial juices with locally available products. We should do our utmost to encourage the local populace to start small businesses. Certainly Coco Cola is a terrible idea and goes against promoting nutrition of the body.
  • Reply to: Coca Cola interested in using Sri Lanka as a production hub   2 days 16 hours ago
    One needs to understand that Coca Cola can set up a production hub where ever they want. I don't think that they have any grand plans to deplete Sri Lanka's water source. Further more the Sri Lankan environmental impact assessments are carried out by Sri Lankan's. Rather than criticizing multinationals we SRI LANKANS must have the courage to stand upto fellow Sri Lankan's n get the right thing done. This is typical Sri Lankan culture- when given a little freedom of speech and expression you misuse it totally and when ruled by tyrants and dictators you put your tail behind your back and retreat without a noise. I think we need to get out of this frog in the well island mentality and be more rational, honest and courageous when making public comments
  • Reply to: Sri Lanka to be made high income country by 2032: PM   2 days 17 hours ago
    Excellent vision. For 5% of our population it is already a super High Income country. These 5% become super,super High income earners every day not necessarily by Legal ,Moral means. Eg. People involved in Central Bank Scams. What is needed is a balanced growth , elimination of poverty, and foreign Loans. By opening large Scale Foreign investment, and encouraging tourism, is not the only solution. These things will contribute to high inflation and money will continue to remain in the hand of said 5%. High income does not mean ordinary people are going to benefit. Can anyone say why state ventures. are running on loss or just marginal profit. The same organisations are running on a super normal profit once given to Private sector. Eg. Steel Corporation, Distilleries Corpn. Other failures are SLTB, CWE, MD, DI. The vacuum created by CWE is partially taken over by Keels and Food City. These are all hits on small businessmen.
  • Reply to: ‘Removed’ official still powerful at Health Ministry, says GM   2 days 17 hours ago
    All Play No Work policy of the GMOA will cost them their fortune, already certain agreements have been signed by Sri Lanka with big brother neighbour who will come to the assistance during stoppage and go slow, strikes under the guise of SOS
  • Reply to: Pakistan: Woman sentenced to death for burning daughter alive   2 days 20 hours ago
    Whoever kill his fellow by sword.....he/she would kill by same process