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  • Reply to: Retired railway workers requested to report for work   6 days 9 hours ago
    This is a very good decision of the Government as the intransigence of the strikers shows how little they care for the public service and the country. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should they be taken back given all the time and dead lines to do so. They shoulod not baken back even as new employees and left alone to fend for themsleves having drawn a salary of 2.5 lakhs!!!!! We appeal to the Government to stand firm and consider the vacation of posts as solid, permanent and irreversible and to ensure that the retired persons who report for duty are given a good deal as after all they are the ones who stepped forward to save this situation. Therefore let the strikers go in striking but please do not take them back under any circumstances.
  • Reply to: Malwatte Chief Prelate praises Govt. for reducing essential drug prices   6 days 12 hours ago
    We may need less medicine in Kandy if the road by the Maligawa is open to traffic.
  • Reply to: UNP is the best brand for Sri Lanka - PM   6 days 14 hours ago
    YouUNP made before last election to stop corruption. Stand for IT. Show that all can uphold last election promise. Why the cases had to delay such long period? All of you keep the promises given to public. All those agreed ie. UNP and Sirisena keep to your agreement, don’t bankrupt the country by hidden wealth. Show us your wealth before coming to politics. Bring changes for corrupt politicians. Liberate SLK.
  • Reply to: Thai hotel chain Anantara ramps up operations in Sri Lanka   6 days 14 hours ago
    It's great to see the addition of another top notch hotel in Sri Lanka which will add to the galaxy of international hotels already there. Good Luck !
  • Reply to: Jaffna HC bans all forms of animal sacrifices at Kovils   6 days 22 hours ago
    I totally agree with this judgement that animal sacrifices should not be in a holy place. Kovil is a place of worship like Catholic goes to Church and Buddhists to temples. I'm sure in that perspective any God wouldn't have faith told to sacrifice a living being and if so it cannot be a God. God's are above human realm. Whether the tradition is either 300 or more years of old i feel we should understand the killing of an animal is a sin and it could be a sin offering when an animal is howling to death in front of a God are we so childish to understand that God favours us. I guess a timely rule which i hope be effective
  • Reply to: Trains to run?   6 days 22 hours ago
    I'm wondering though train services been treated and gazzetted as essential service the unions seems pay no attention is it due they don't respect the authority or they know it is powerless. If this is the perception i guess the law and order to be effective it has to effect strict rather been words
  • Reply to: Open forum on ‘Commercialization of Christmas’   1 week 4 hours ago
    Time for TRUTH. No Santa. Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and God's overshadowing for supernatural birth of Jesus, not the natural sperm and ovum containing genes of sin, angels appear to shepherds, wisemen led by a star, God's dream warning that king Herod wants to kill Jesus born king of the Jews. We celebrate a royal birth in humility. Every one must hear and receive Him as the gift at Christmas.
  • Reply to: Five Ava suspects remanded   1 week 8 hours ago
    Is it a new town or the the name vaddukoddai misnamed
  • Reply to: Fifth Chairman of Lanka Sathosa resigns   1 week 8 hours ago
    What a way to go. Proof of the pudding that something is absolutely wrong in this den of thieves.
  • Reply to: Trains to run?   1 week 12 hours ago
    Government shoud not cow down to these arrogant acts of workers who are hell bend on disrupting essential services backed by the JO. Therefore please give them the same dose that late JR Jayawardana gave in 1983 and you will find that there will be less strikes and the country will progress. DO NOT GIVE IN to these fellows who apparently earn around 250,000/- per month! What more do they want?SACK THE LOT and train new people een if it inconvenience the public for a short while and untill then seek the help of the army and allow those who want to return for work to return with no black mail tactics and demands. The country and its people should come foiirrst. SO LET THE DIE HARDS STRIKE FOR EVER but dont take them back as they are the real trouble makers..Please give the dose that JR gave in 1983 and see what happens/ DO NOT GIVE IN for any cost because this willb e sending a message for othr future strikers too
  • Reply to: Hambantota port agreement gazetted   1 week 1 day ago
    This portends the bad things to come. Since it is 99 year agreement, that becomes a permanent settlement. Now china will bring its own labour force to operate the port leaving srilankans jobless. What about the rights on territorial waters of srilanka. Has it given away along with the agreement? There appears to be little understanding of the "generosity" of the financial, technological help extended by china. AFter foothold, its intention is to bring into srilankan market the chinese products and make srilanka a permanent dependent for anything and everything. Slowly, the political climate will be influenced by planting its puppets in the democratic srilanka. The gainers may be politicians, but the loosers are ordinary srilankan citizens. will you wake up?
  • Reply to: Draft voter register on Elections Commission website   1 week 1 day ago
    check name in voters register on Uduvil AGA division list
  • Reply to: Albert Moses of Mind Your Language fame laid to rest today   1 week 1 day ago
    Thank you Albert aka Ranjit Singh for all the laughs. Though it has been many, many years since MYL went off the air, I still watch the dvds and enjoy the laughs everytime. Will continue to be amused by your dialogues till my dying day.
  • Reply to: Blessings from Mahanayake thera   1 week 2 days ago
    These threads tie up souls together (soul ties) in this case the kamma of the one who ties comes on the receiver. It is fear and insecurity towards unknown evil we seek protection from. Better do right living in every circumstance than lose sleep over guilt and condemnation. Google soul ties.
  • Reply to: Sajin pleads guilty   1 week 2 days ago
    In the case of all financial misappropriations by VIPs , the proposed verdict should go to Chief Justice's scrutiny before it is passed.This should be done in the best interest of Sri Lanka.Otherwise we have no faith in verdicts passed on VIPs in Sri Lanka