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  • Reply to: Private medical universities: GMOA stays neutral   5 days 6 hours ago
    GMOA is accusing that SAITM is fraudulent without pinpointing what the fraud is. Judiciary verdict is that SAITM is legal and its doctors should complete internship training. Whom should we believe? Govt or TU
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    they don;t care blessing to reputaions 'or get famausing from , nations of the motherland, they get actions , as outspoken , this daugter,and father, outfit ,they want to keep country,outwork,
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    The US is the Greatest Power in the world and it must be run by the President and by his children, this is not second to the management of a third world country like Sri Lanka during Rajapksha's regime.
  • Reply to: India will not press for North East merger - Jaishankar   5 days 7 hours ago
    India can press as much as it wants, merger will never happen.
  • Reply to: Fifteen Peradeniya University students arrested for ragging   5 days 15 hours ago
    These same people protest against private education in the streets, they themselves sick treat the ones who enter into the state universities in rented houses, Bravo!
  • Reply to: ‘A decision will be taken in the country’s interest’   5 days 16 hours ago
    His Excellency's executive will surely flow along the same stream as the Judiciary. He will surely motivate the legislating parliament too to align in any new laws for fee or free education of next generation. Only one standard for fee or free. Street crowd needs to be expelled to give those places in uni to those who are capable of benefitting from free state. Excellent standard is not minimum standard for fee or free.
  • Reply to: German Expatriate assaults lady Secretary   5 days 17 hours ago
    If we Sri lankans are not corrupt people then we do not need these white scum to come into our land to do our work. Because are corrupt leaders and politicians are robbing the land silly, so we need to put up with those whose expertise we need to solve our problems. Kick the German bastard out.
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    This person should be reported to the Police and charged for assault. No one has the right to put their hands on a Female in anger. What action is taken by the Authorities???
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    Severe shortage of doctors to man SL hospitals. Severe shortage of medical college places in state uni to train the required number of doctors. Severe injustice done by cut off marks of Colombo medical aspirants having to give way to district quotas to accommodate A/L from rural areas for free training and which not valued or honoured but has street terrorism. SAITM was opened to relieve this frustration and tension of at least some of those who are willing to pay. All the false accusations of being 'substandard' were proved wrong by documentation in judicial courts. Teething troubles were mostly overcome with excellent teachers and external examiners of high quality from state uni. Insecurity, jealousy and fear of state students can be erased if hospital is visited for high tech benefit to state uni too in scheme of rotation. Justice to SAITM's efforts to heal SL with court verdict is to complete internship training, not clerk with now vindictive SLMC
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    These bankrupts are still harping on minimum standards when what patients really long for are maximum standards and effects. When intellectually twisted like this, no patients come to them. So they shout loud
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    A very well done in depth analysis of our difficult to comprehend foreign policy. My personal view is that the current government of Maithripala Sirisena approaches foreign policy in a more liberalistic way than the conservative method used by the previous government. However being too lenient on letting the much beneficial investment flow into the country on compromise of national security (such as the massive acquisition of land through lease by China in Hambantota to develop an Industrial Zone) can be detrimental to our domestic interests in the long run. Furthermore it contradicts our traditional foreign policy of being renowned as a non-aligned state. A thorough assessment of effects must be considered by the government when it allows projects that could interfere with the perception of our foreign policy to be carried out. Just my opinion.
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    Once a medical student obtain the degree he undergoes an internship and is registered by SLMC and subsequently allowed to practice as a doctor. Similarly an Engineering student obtain a degree and undergoes a training period and face a Viva plus written exam conducted by IESL and if successful is registered and allowed to practice as a chartered engineer. Both doctor and engineer obtain necessary training after graduation. Therefore clinical training or whatever could be received after graduation and this fuss against SAITM degree is a baseless campaign
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    Hail Hitler!!! :)
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    Usual tactic in all issues including reports of presidential commissions etc., is to drag it until it is quietly swept under the carpet. One could expect that at FCID too.