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  • Reply to: Drastic drop in MR’s vote, from 2015 – Mangala   4 days 7 hours ago
    Protecting the criminals by voting is a crime. After two terms of rule MR should exit respectfully. People already given their verdict. Why can't MR RETIRE respectfully and let the rule of law set by this government take its cause.
  • Reply to: Drastic drop in MR’s vote, from 2015 – Mangala   4 days 9 hours ago
    I never believed that he has a hormonal imbalance and today after reading this I realized that it is true. He needs immediate medication.
  • Reply to: New subject stream to the A/L syllabus   4 days 10 hours ago
    Finding out the trained teachers for these subjects will be a problem
  • Reply to: MR calls for General Election   4 days 10 hours ago
    Agree with you whole heartedly.
  • Reply to: SAITM issue will be solved soon - GMOA Secretary   4 days 12 hours ago
    None of the current students at SAITM had nothing to do with Nizhni Novgorod University in Russia. GMOA is crazy. Our children were admitted to SAITM interviewed by the local UGC for the approved SAITM MBBS and do not seek any foreign degrees. GMOA trying to create crisis and chaos as usual. Then why did Court of Appeal give verdict for SLMC to register SAITM MBBS for internship. Malice.
  • Reply to: New subject stream to the A/L syllabus   4 days 13 hours ago
    Think identify plan with purpose feel interest enthusiasm in it then select study hard expect good value in return.if necessary seek advice.
  • Reply to: Seventy years of freedom   4 days 13 hours ago
    Not to be forgotten more than 50 percent of it end up destruction killing abduction corruption fakery etc. Nation with strong Buddhist background generous free education cultural advantage must bend the whole body in shame with so many intellectual educated roaming around the country this era has a great blight to society in every nook and corner of the country
  • Reply to: Train services delayed due to derailment   4 days 14 hours ago
    The picture gives us an idea of the sorry state of the railway ..With all that man power available cannot we maintain a better maintained train service ..the appearance is appalling and project the image of neglect ..Ove r to you Minister ....
  • Reply to: Ex-DIG Vaas Gunawardena gets five years RI   4 days 15 hours ago
    I thought he got the death penalty for a murder of a businessman. Si is he in death row or in prison for 5 years?
  • Reply to: JHU thanks UNF voters   4 days 16 hours ago
    Minister Patali Champika is a wolf in sheep's clothing. This was proved in the loss of votes for UNP in the results of Beruwala Urban Council, as he tried to have his Lady- Candidate as Chairman/Vice Chairman , if UNP had won.Your racism should end or you should leave the UNITED NATIONAL PARTY, without dreaming to be a Prime Minister.
  • Reply to: President, PM not taken any decision on future political course   4 days 18 hours ago
    Nobody in the past dissolved the government after a local government election. Current government was given a mandate by the people at the general and should complete the stipulated term. All I am saying is to lick the wounds and come back to fight again. The president and the primeminister should act like punching bags and take all the punches and stay the course. At least there were no thugs ruling the streets.
  • Reply to: MR calls for General Election   4 days 18 hours ago
    A person such as MR who does not know the parliamentary law cannot be found suitable to call for a general election based on a small PS election. Therefore his call should be ignored. Also he and his supporters who worked for the SLPP should now be sacked from the SLFP and allowed to go their own ways. Having said this the Government should speedup the legal processes involving the Rajapakses and the other corrupt politicuans as soon as possible and ensure that justice is done and they are all inside and not outside. One reason for this debacle is the delay in ounishing the corrupt people who were free to roam about whicle the Government was dragging this issues. At least now speed up the process of setting up of the 3 new courts, hear the cases of grave corruption first and cohear them to a conclusion without dragging the cases. This dragging the feet was the root cause for the people to get disgrunted as the promises made re this matter was not fulfilled. So hurry up and get the ball rolling immediately!!!
  • Reply to: Drastic drop in MR’s vote, from 2015 – Mangala   4 days 19 hours ago
    You need to be honest. You can spin the data another way too. Instead of adding SLFP and UPFA votes to the UNP total add that to the SLPP percentage. 44.65% + 8.99% + 4.44% voted AGAINST the UNP which means 57.99% did NOT vote for the UNP. In the interest of transparency you can look at the data so many different ways. The bottom line is SLPP control 73% of the Councils now. UNP was beaten like they were beaten in 1970 and SLFP was wiped out even worse than how they were beaten in 1977. So think it through before just spewing ideas. Some people can think things .
  • Reply to: UNP accepts poll verdict - Hashim   5 days 5 hours ago
    For a start, you could declare how much of the Central Bank bond scam ended up with you personally and with the UNP?
  • Reply to: UNP accepts poll verdict - Hashim   5 days 5 hours ago
    Agreed. But the Political Illiterate of the country which by the way is the majority couldn't careless. This is not asking the UNP to give up, but sometimes it's best to allow the political illiterate public learn its lesson the hard way. They need to be taught to value freedom of expression. They must be made to fight for it. The UNP just gave it away too easily. Those educated fools are not fit to enjoy the true sense of democracy or the freedom it entails. They rather be governed by an unscrupulous leader with an iron fist who has no moral responsibility. Those educated fools uphold nepotism. The outcome -fudel mindset hence the king voted back in to power. Why not give it away, let the king rule his chosen lot. Allow them to dig thier own grave this time. It's time the UNP sits back and relax and do some soul searching better clean-up your house. Give it time. But please do not neglect to take care of the fauna and flora in my beautiful Island, at least they will have something called gratitude if you look after it with gentleness and care.