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  • If you are tired of theoretical learning, and marvel about the Transformers and Iron Man, then 2017 FIRST Global Challenge might be your cup of tea. The world’s first...
    2017-09-13 19:30:00
  • During one of their travels in China
    He simply does not read books - he inhales them. Once he sits down with a volume, it is going to take a pretty earthshaking event to distract him. Nothing sounds better than...
    2017-09-10 19:30:00
  • Chandana Wickramasinghe
    ance, drama and films are considered as some of the most influential tools for the modern youth. In recent years the entertainment industry has come up with some...
    2017-09-06 19:30:00
  • Jeevan Mendis
    Cricket almost brings things to a standstill in his life. Sri Lankan cricketer Jeevan Mendis got nothing without labour. Sweat, strive, struggle were an inseparable part of...
    2017-09-03 19:30:00
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