US to donate Rs.350 m for people affected by natural disasters: Keshap | Daily News

US to donate Rs.350 m for people affected by natural disasters: Keshap

US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap confirmed that the United States remains committed to funding and carrying out relief efforts in the areas affected by floods and landslides.

“The American people and government are here as partners, walking side by side and hand in hand with the people of Sri Lanka. We have deployed our full efforts to show solidarity with the people,” he said.

Keshap, speaking at a panel discussion entitled “Asian Views on America’s Role in Asia,” reiterated that the United States had agreed to donate aid worth Rs.350 million to help people get back on their feet after the series of natural disasters. He also shared the military is playing a role in flood and landslide relief.

“All service men and women who are here for training courses or based here have been deployed in flood affected areas.

Many of them are cleaning and repairing schools. We are trying to help get kids back in school,” he said. The Ambassador noted that this aid package falls in line with America’s commitment to the safety, stability, and prosperity of the Sri Lankan people regardless of ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic level. 


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