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‘Nearest school-the best school’ National Programme launched


The Ministry of Education says that it has begun implementing the project ‘Nearest school-the best school’ which costs Rs.64,000 million in 7,000 schools, a release states.

The Education Ministry release adds: “Already provisions amounting to Rs. 50 to 400 million have been made for each Province and the balance money will be provided depending on the progress at provincial level in implementing the project.

“The national programme ‘Nearest School-the best school’ under the theme of providing equal opportunities in education for all in bringing up a humane child equipped with quality knowledge, creativity and aesthetic sense is being implemented in order to achieve the objectives of the five-fold educational policy statement of the new Government. Further this is implemented as a part of the 2016-2020 Mid-term Strategic Development Programme.

“The anticipated objectives of the programme are the transformation of selected schools in each Divisional Secretarial Division as super-schools, minimising the crowding at popular urban schools and provision of equal educational opportunities for all, bringing up a cultured and educated student community with a sound personality that could contribute to the country’s development and the reinforcement of school-based management etc.

“In order to achieve these objectives this programme 7,000 schools under it would be developed under four main and six secondary projects. It would develop many secondary activities under the main activity categories of provision and repair of water, electricity and sanitary facilities, new constructions, development of goods, equipment and human resources.

“Development activities are already under way in 797 schools in the Western Province, 646 schools in the Northern Province, 539 schools in the North Central Province, 948 schools in the Central Province, 497 schools in the Uva Province, 606 schools in the Sabaragamuwa Province, 708 schools in the Eastern Province, 673 schools in the Wayamba Province and 649 schools in the Southern Province. In addition activities are being conducted simultaneously to develop estate schools. 

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