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Moves to develop villages by 2020

The government has started a village development programme to strengthen the village community. It will provide farmers with a good market to sell their produce and improve water resources for fishing and carry out village economic development, State Minister Dilip Wedaarachchi said addressing a meeting in Tangalla, recently.

Minister Wedaarachchi said they have started the programme which runs until 2020 under the government’s community programme.

“We decided to provide quick relief to the community within 18 months. In this regard, the President and Prime Minister have handed over the duties to us. Accordingly, we have started the work of uplifting the villagers.

“Action will be taken to provide facilities to the villagers. We will work towards fulfilling the milk requirement in our country by creating ‘milk villages’ under the village economy ministry. By creating milk villages, we would be able to cater to the local demands while being able to export milk every year,” he said.

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