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Hospital waste running across school

Children playing near the drainage line.
Children playing near the drainage line.

The parents of Kebithigollewa Primary School complain that the drainage lines carrying waste from Kebithigollewa Base Hospital across the school pose a health threat to their children.

The parents and teachers say the drainage lines fall across school premises for over 10 years and the parents’ concern had not been considered by authorities.

The parents and teachers said during the rainy season, the drainage lines overflow. During the dry season, children tend to play near the lines despite the teachers’ warning. The teachers and parents said the rate of children falling sick is considerably high at the school.

They said over 650 students are studying at the school which was initiated in 2009. The parents also said there are many shortages at the school. The school comprises three buildings, barely sufficient to house all students.

They added that there are insufficient sanitary facilities for teachers. Only one toilet is available for both male and female teachers while there is no restroom for them. There is no office for the principal either. They added that children do not have a playground.

The parents said the school was selected to develop under the ‘Nearest School is the Best School’ concept in 2017. Rs. 600 million was allocated for its development. However, nothing has happened thereafter.

They request authorities to pay attention this school and solve their issues at the earliest. 

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