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BASL and the Junior Bar Committee to welcome 330 new attorneys

More than 300 new lawyers are being giving their oath before the Supreme Court from yesterday to the 28th of August 2020.

In parallel to this event, the BASL and Junior Bar commitee has organized a stall and for the first time proceeded to hand over a series of books to the junior lawyers as a gesture of welcoming the junior lawyers through a combined stall placed at the Supreme Court Complex in Hulftsdorp.

“ The Junior Bar Committe spearheaded and guided by its Chairman, Mr Kuvera de Zoysa PC wants to appraise and educate the new junior lawyers on the best possible ways to overcome the challenges faced in the legal profession", Attorney at Law Nishan Premathiratne, the Convener of the Junior Bar Committee said.

Furthermore, the Junior Bar Committee is to organise an orientation program September 3, 2020 with the participation of various speakers including judges, lawyers, legal entrepreneurs to speak on all avenues availble to a lawyer.

"We want to enlighten these new lawyers with all possible avenues availble to a lawyer and to build a bridge between the Junior Lawyers and the BASL so that through the course of their legal career, these new lawyers could seek the assistance of the BASL. In addition to these eminent persons who have reached significant heights,  we are also having a Non- Legal Session at this orientation program on Personality  Building  and Confidence, to be Chaired by Bathiya Jayakody and Stephanie Siriwardena whose life stories have inspired many. The junior Bar Commitee has also scheduled the opening the Junior Bar Center at the BASL on the 7th of September under the hand of his Lordship the Chief Justice. This Center would be exclusively availble for the use by all junior lawyers all over the island which comprise of over 8000 in number” Mr.Premathiratne said.

All junior lawyers below 10 years at the profession will be free to utilise the fascities of the Center during the working hours of the BASL without any cost.