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Identifying the real patriots

It is very interesting to see how certain well educated and rich Sri Lankans living here and abroad behave when it comes to national issues. It is very funny to see the behaviour of some of them while it is very sad to see how some others behave. Their behaviour depends on various factors. But the ordinary Sri Lankans only see the outcome of their behaviours and not the background or anything else.

 The main objective of discussing this issue is that decisions made by those scholars matter a lot for the country and the people and sometimes for the future of the country. Therefore, the ordinary people of Sri Lanka need to know what is behind the behaviour of those individuals. No one should be allowed to make decisions that destroy the future of the country and the people.

 All of us remember very well everything about the 30-year-long war and terrorism carried out by the LTTE killing thousands of innocent people and destroying billions of rupees worth of properties in the country. We very clearly saw the end of the war which actually became a humanitarian operation and not a war. What ended on May 18, 2009 was a humanitarian operation and not a war. 

 We saw and remember very well how certain individuals and groups acted during the late stages of the humanitarian operation. NGOs and similar organizations and all the individuals who depended on dollar rivers flowing into their private bank accounts did everything possible to save the LTTE and maintain the suffering of all Sri Lankan people for as long as possible.

 But there were patriotic scholars based in foreign countries who did their best to support the (then) Government and the Armed Forces to end the suffering of innocent Sri Lankan people belonging to all ethnicities and religions. They did their best spending their own money. They were a little silent during the Yahapalana Government which gave a free pass to terrorists and anti-Sri Lankan forces. But those patriotic scholars came forward again and started to do their duty towards their precious motherland as soon as the President of the current patriotic people’s Government came into power on November 16, 2019. They were Sri Lankan born professors, scholars who have doctorates and other scholars who are rich and based in foreign countries.

 They re-commenced stressing the importance of curbing all types of terrorism, especially the latest trends of terrorism which is directly connected to religious extremism. Actually those professors and scholars play the role of watchdogs which should be played by the Sri Lankan media. 

 Meanwhile there is another set of ‘professors’ and other rich scholars who did their best to prevent the current President coming into power in 2019 and extended their fullest support to the politicians in the Yahapalana Government. The main objective of those scholars was earning money as much as possible no matter what they do to the country, people and especially to the future of Sri Lanka. They did their best to cause destruction in almost all fields, especially in the health sector in the country. By the time of the 2019 Presidential Election, almost all of them were holding top positions in key state institutions in Sri Lanka.  

  They did not stop there. They came into limelight with different clothes and facemasks after November 17, 2019. The very first thing they did was changing their clothes. They started to wear maroon colour jackets, sarees, shirts, etc., and started to follow the newly appointed Cabinet Ministers. During the late 2019 and early 2020, their main objective was keeping their positions or jumping into more profitable positions in the same institution or in a different institution.

 But later they added other ‘objectives’ into their lists which is very dangerous for the country and the people. They are paving the way for the destruction of people’s wishes, planning to mess-up Government’s projects and programmes which are aimed at relieving people, providing wrong or fabricated statistics and information, etc. to mess up those projects and programmes, providing facts, figures and other information in their relevant fields in order to draw a picture of their choice and distorting scientific facts.

 Some mainstream media, social media and other types of platforms discussed the behaviour of those ‘scholars’ during the recent past when it comes to certain issues related to COVID-19. The information discussed in those media stated that certain scholars presented scientific facts in a biased way in order to achieve the targets they wanted, totally ignoring historical scientific evidence.

 When considering the past of those scholars, it is very clear for anyone the real nature of those ‘scholars’. Unfortunately, it is the same with certain giants in the journalism field. Both categories did their best to prevent the current President coming into power and then worked day and night to prevent the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) coming into power, especially with a two-thirds majority.

 If anyone carefully goes through the Facebook accounts and all the other social media accounts of those individuals, anyone can very easily find out who they really are and whether it is the same individual(s) standing behind those maroon clothes and nice patriotic facemasks. The other way is checking with their colleagues, friends, etc., who they associated with before 2019.

Anyone can simply search the Internet to dig up their dangerous past. The newspapers which carried out certain speeches made by them with photographs of events they took part in before 2019 are still out there in libraries all over the country.

 But checking the spouse (either husband or wife) of those individuals will give us a completely wrong and misleading idea about them because those individuals made sure that they are in the right place at the right time no matter which political party comes into power in Sri Lanka. They used the best tactic to do it.

  Explained in simple words, they anchored their spouses on the other side as the best way of risk management. Then the unit, both the husband and wife can be saved and enjoy all types of benefits no matter which political party comes into power. That is why we call them ‘scholars’.

They anchored their spouses on the opposite side in February 2015 and not after the 2017 May Day rally held in Galle Face with millions of people wearing maroon colour outfits or the Local Government Election results declared on February 11, 2018, or the deadly Easter Sunday suicide bomb attacks on April 21, 2019.

 Some of those individuals used another fantastic tactic. They stepped into the winning side as spies. All of us remember how certain popular ‘patriots’ who rose after 2015 spoke on behalf of Yahapalana crooks during the past month or two changing their previous tone taking a U-turn. 

 True patriots should always be vigilant about them. Fortunately, Mother Lanka has such a patriotic group of people consisting of Bhikkus, Sinhalese organizations, Buddhist organizations, etc., who are always vigilant about silverfish inside the Government.

What those silverfish wearing patriotic maroon colour outfits do is labelling those genuinely patriotic people and groups as ‘anti-government’. But fortunately, the current Government is prudent and does not fall into the trap of those silverfish with a deadly history and past contacts. By now they are hiding those contacts and communicating with them using safe modes.

 The most pathetic situation is certain Sri Lankan born professors who are internationally popular for their scientific contribution towards the betterment of the people in the world stating certain things against the future safety and well-being of the entire Sri Lankan population while totally ignoring all related scientific findings from history.  We cannot forget the fact that the COVID-19 virus is just one year old.  

 May be those silverfish wearing maroon outfits and brand-new facemasks who are actually spies acting to bring back the dark era of 2015 are behind all recent issues that appeared in Sri Lanka such as ‘cremation or burial’.

 The need of the hour is revealing the real faces of those holding high positions in state and certain private institutions and acting as traitors of Mother Lanka.

Some are here and some are based in foreign countries.