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Seylan Bank, first in Customer Service Excellence - LMD

Gamika De Silva
Gamika De Silva

Seylan Bank PLC, the bank, has been named the most popular banking service provider in Sri Lanka in the exclusive customer experience ranking announced by LMD, for the second consecutive year. The ranking is based on a survey of Sri Lankan consumers on their most preferred brands across 18 sectors in terms of customer satisfaction and their perception of service quality, in a year full of challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The customer excellence rankings published in the most recent edition of the LMD magazine were the result of an extensive online survey undertaken in the third quarter of 2020, in which participants voted for their most preferred service brands in the country. Most notably, Seylan Bank was ranked number one by customers in Customer Service Excellence, from among nineteen state and private sector banks.

“Customer service is a vital necessity in any industry be it banking or otherwise, something that is expected as a given by customers, and rightly so. The pandemic induced stress in customers made this even clearer, and Seylan Bank took extra care to offer an enhanced level of service to customers who were anxious for uninterrupted banking services, ensuring that they were served above and beyond their expectations at every touchpoint, both physical and digital. This recognition by customers themselves, amply demonstrates our commitment to customer service, which is part of the DNA of the Bank with a Heart.” said Gamika De Silva, Assistant General Manager, Marketing and Sales at Seylan Bank.

At the very outset of the pandemic, Seylan Bank anticipated the changing needs of customers and proactively committed itself to serving them. The bank opened doors of its branches whenever allowed by the authorities, in addition to enhancing its digitization efforts to ensure customers could handle all their banking needs through internet banking and online channels, from the safety of their home.

“Customer retention is the most important element of good customer service. A customer will not remain with a brand that is unsatisfying, especially in an environment where they have a multitude of choices.

At Seylan Bank, we ask ourselves how we can become the ‘Primary Bank’ of a customer, and streamline all our customer touchpoints to reflect the value we place in them, by listening to their concerns and attending to their needs. Every single employee of the Bank carry this mantra in their work, and such an achievement will not be possible without their commitment. In our 33 of years in serving Sri Lankans, we have always placed the customer at the centre of all our decision making, and this recognition is proof we are doing it right.” De Silva added.