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Businessman disappears after driving car over woman

Matugama Police are looking for a businessperson who killed a woman by driving his car over her.

The victim was identified as 42-year-old Ranasinghe Archchige Sisilawathi of Matugama. She was a mother of a resort owner in the area.

The resort owner died on January 7 and his body had been kept at his house in Matugama.

The relatives had gathered at the house and were making arrangements for the funeral. A businessman identified as a relative had come and involved in a heated argument claiming the house and property of the dead man.

When the relatives opposed him, the businessman got into his car and ran over his the woman who was near the entrance.

The car had disappeared after knocking down the woman. She died on admission to the Nagoda Hospital.

Matugama Police are investigating.