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Children neglected by the Government - JVP

The government is unable to provide even the basic resources to schools. Is this a government if children are not given facemasks and disinfectants in schools? former JVP MP Wasantha Samarasinghe asked.

He was speaking at an event to distribute school equipment to 100 students for the new school term under the programme of providing school equipment to 1,000 low income families in the Anuradhapura District held at the Ape Jana Bala Party office in Anuradhapura recently.

He said there are about 2,500 schools without lavatory facilities in this country and there are about 2500 schools without drinking water. Schools have been closed for ten months and children climb trees to get connected. Education in our country has collapsed.This is a great tragedy. Education is free but parents have to spend money these days. Children fall into wrong paths.

“Parents are helpless because they cannot afford their children’s education expenditure. But action should be taken to provide education to all children.

That is why we give such assistance annually because we want children to learn. During this children could be educated on television channels.

It was not done properly. Other countries did so. Every home has a television. It should have been done as a national responsibility. They didn’t do it because these channels belong to their close friends,” he added.

“Some persons together with some powerful leaders of the Yahapalana government robbed the Central Bank. Today some companies are looting the Treasury. The Central Bank was robbed earlier. The Treasury is being attacked today. Although COVID-19 has become an epidemic for the people of the country, it has become Spring time for the Rajapaksas and their cronies,” he said.