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Singing from the heart!

Never in her wildest dreams young Hana Shafa thought of becoming a professional singer. Her main goal was to walk along the beautiful corridors of Hulftsdorp as a Lawyer. But life seems to be full of unexpected surprises, and destiny finally made her a teen sensation, with her first Mash up release being a big knock out of reaching eight million views to now, bringing her to stardom as an upcoming singer, representing the modern youth.

Music was in Hana s genes. Coming from a musical family, she was surrounded by music, which was not surprising at all. It nevertheless encouraged Hana to follow music as her passion, and her musical talents were further sharpened by this opportunity she had at home. She is still determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a Lawyer, and also pursuing her musical career at the same time. She had to give up her love for traditional dancing which she did at school, due to the hectic schedule and also since she had to decide between dancing and music, but later on, she wishes to that as well.

Being a student of Princess of Wales College, Moratuwa, music was in her heart and soul. She was also a member of the College choir and has played the trumpet in the western band and the geta beraya in the Hewisi band. So for Hana , she was surrounded by music which never seemed to leave her.

As a young teenager, Hana seems to have her hands full at the moment, but she cleverly manages to balance both her music and academic careers. She is determined to pursue her dreams, and reach her goals somehow. She was lucky enough to get the maximum support from her family and school, and her mother, who was the main inspiration behind her young daughters success, sent an entry to the Sirasa -Voice Teens programme , which further enhanced her musical talent , and of course where it all began from . She encouraged Hana to give it a try, where she obliged accordingly. Her song ‘Chakithaya’ (Original by done by Mihindu Ariyarathne ) was performed at the Blind Auditions of the Voice Teens , where it was also featured on YouTube , reaching a massive number of 3 million views. ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele, was performed at the knock out round of the Voice Teens, and her cover version of the song was selected as You Tube’s Voice Global under the category Best of July. Entering the Voice Teens, and being with stalwarts of the music field was a dream come true for Hana, and little did she know that this opportunity was filled with so many achievements yet to come. Her first public stint was at the Vihara Maha Devi Park, which drew a large audience in order to come and appreciate her performance.

Her first mash up hit includes Yanna Yanawada (Nilan Hettiarachchi), Siri Sangabo (B n S) and Sanda wage penawa,etc. This was what brought her to stardom as a teen sensation, and after singing ‘Chakithaya’ at the battle round, she got the opportunity of working with BNS. She considers it as a dream come true for her as a teen who entered a whole new world, getting ready to face the challenges and obstacles of the industry.

Singing ‘’Chakithaya ‘’ which was mainly a rock song made her select rock as her main music genre, and received an excellent response, but she also does Pop, R&B, Rap and Jazz as well .


Q: What you are up to these days?

I’m working on my new album. The recordings are almost done by now and am working on the shoot as well.

Q: People got to know you from your performances at Sirasa Voice Teen – season 1. How did you find the experience and the support?

That was my first reality experience, and it was actually challenging moment. My family gave me a huge support in that regard.

Q: Your first release itself, which was a mash up cover, reached 8 million views within one month. Did you expect it to be such a hit?

Yes, I already knew it was going be a hit. I don’t have words to explain how I feel. I’m really happy about myself.

Q: You are eventually coming from a musical family. How did your family help you to enhance your musical skills?

My mom and my whole family has a good knowledge about music, and I think that would have been the reason which would have helped me to come this far.

Q: Whom do you follow as role models of the industry? Who are the musicians inspire you most?

My role model is Rihanna, because I love the way she is, and of course as other musicians, it was Bathiya and Santhush , Umaria and International artistes such as Ariana Grande who inspired me the most .

Q: How does it feel to sign up with BNS, a popular name in the Industry, soon after the competition?

I think that was the turning point of my music life. Actually I didn’t expect that much of good things after the competition, so I’m truly blessed enough to have them.

Q: What was it like, being with other contestants and performing in front of a public audience for the first time?

God, I was nervous at that time, because it was my first outdoor experience with a huge audience, but that was really amazing. The audience specially gave me a big support. I wanna say, love you all!

Q: Do you still have an intention of following traditional dancing?

Yes, of course!

Q: You’re also known as a Pop, RnB, Rap, and Jazz Artiste. But at the Voice Teens you opted for ‘Chakithaya’ by Mihindu Ariyarathne which was a rock song. Will you be focusing on rock as your main genre in future?

Oh will have to see!

Q: Since you are also focused on rock, what are your favorite rock bands?

Rockin 1000

Q: How do you hope to focus on your goal of becoming a lawyer and proceeding with your musical career as well?

Yes, it’s a little hard because always there’s a busy schedule, practices and recordings, but in future I’m definitely am going to work for it.

Q: What do you normally do during your past time?

Spending time with my family and friends.

Q: Did other musicians support you once you made your first appearance? And who has been most supportive?

Bathiya and Santhush , Ashanthi De Alwis

Q: Any people out there whom you wish to thank who had helped in this journey?

Oh, there’s a lot! Bathiya and Santhush , Naveen Perera, Chamitha Cooray, Dilshan Silva, Sandesh Bandara, Tharaka Sandaruwan , Eresh Eranga, Nethmi Sahasra, Chandana Sooriyabandara, and specially my family!