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Truly multi-talented

If you ever want to meet someone who’s a multitalented musician, a whizz kid and a guitar genius, meet Jared Cannata, who is amazingly gifted and a talented guitarist, Instructor and a Songwriter from US, all included in one, and we have the pleasure of having a chat with him on today’s T&C.

The international music scene, as we all know is of course much advanced than the local music arena, but being recognized in the International music scene, and getting to meet and perform with some of the best known names in the Industry is any musician’s dream. But it’s only a few who has been able to make that dream come real. As for Jared, he was able to fulfill that dream with his talent and dedication. Nevertheless, It’s always a pleasure to meet someone who puts his heart and soul into music and thoroughly enjoys what he’s doing, and Jared can be taken as the best definition for such an individual. His breathtaking performances completely takes us by storm, and his beginnings of his musical career is inspiring as well as interesting.

According to Jared, his dad, Jerry Cannata was the main reason for him to step in to the world of music. He was the inspiration behind his success, and though his family did not have a musical background, both Jared and his brother Jordan were encouraged by their parents to pursue with what they wanted. His dad loved music, and there was this great stereo system in the house cranking and full blast, where he listened to music greats such as Joe Satriani , to Stevie Ray Vaughn , Jerry Cantrell and many more . As a result of his inspiration and continuous support, and being his hero, Jared began playing guitar at the age of 10, and at a very young age, started his first band titled ‘’J Rad’’ which also included his brother Jordan. The band played together for a very long time and had the opportunity to open for many big acts, ranging from blues, to hard rock/metal. Some of the bands that they opened for were Johnny Winter, Mountain, Living Colour, Poison, Bret Michaels, Scott Stapp, (Creed) Skid Row, Blue Oyster Cult, Twisted Sister, Joe Bonamassa, Yngwie malmsteen, Asia, Stryper , ,Rick derringer ,Filter ,and Zack Myers (shinedown).

His list of accolades and achievements didn’t end from there. He had the opportunity of attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He maintained 4.0 gpa , and towards the end of his 3rd year at Berklee, he had the opportunity to record an album with Grammy nominated producer/engineer David Ivory. Since then, he has been fortunate enough to play with a variety of great artists while also giving private guitar lessons. His experience at Berklee further enhanced his skills and his own unique style of playing, and he is ever so thankful to those at Berklee for making him become the talented guitar wizard today. As for Jared, he always has a thirst for learning something new,and to do better each time, no matter how talented and experienced he would be. This indeed sets an example for upcoming young musicians as well.

Jared was also a member of the band Stereo Satellite, which again included his brother Jordan, John Moyer, Lukas Rossi (Rockstar supernova) and Erik Leonhardt (Tantric). Stereo satellites live debut was on the 2018 ship rocked cruise with bands such as Stone Sour, In this moment, Seether , black label society , and many more . Shortly after, the band had the honor of opening for Bon jovi at the Harris Bradley arena in Milwaukee, WI. Jared also played with Billy Mira and the Hitmen, and Americana big band infused with comedy and impressions.

In 2018 Jared became the 1st sub on call for the guitar chair in the hit Broadway musical “Summer - The Donna Summer Musical”. He played the show regularly, which was a fun experience. Some of the artists he currently plays with are Soulex, Nina Lee, Madame Mayhem and Sugarmore , which is rather interesting, since the band includes 4 cousins! (Jared and Jordan Cannata, Daniel Bailey, and Dom Scott). Jared likes to be diverse, and like to fit in to all genres and styles as best as he can. Everything from easy going pop, to hard rock and metal.

He loves to teach, perform, write, and record. Apart from the music scene, he declares himself as a simple, quiet guy, a total foodie, and loves to cruise on his electric skateboard if he has the opportunity. Being a Jack of all trades, we sat down for an interesting chat with Jared to find out more of his experiences, musical career and future projects.


Q: Tell us about your progress these days.

Progress has been good these days, just a little different than in the past. With touring and much of the music industry shutdown since the pandemic, I’ve been able to focus on things that I originally had less time for. Especially my own guitar studies. It can be difficult to find the time to practice and study when on the road touring. It has also been great to have extra time to write and record music with my brother (Jordan Cannata), which we hope to release soon. We like to release instrumental music as “Dummy and The Ventriloquist). It’s fun stuff that lets us go a little extra crazy with our instruments and have a little fun.

Q: How would you describe yourself?

Overall, I’m a quiet guy. But I still like to interact with others as much as possible. Especially these days, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone! I can’t wait to have the freedom to meet other musicians again and jam out. Outside of the music world, I’m pretty simple. I’m a total foodie, I love a great meal. And as far as other hobbies, I love to cruise on my electric skateboard when the weather is nice enough.

Q: What inspired you to pursue music?

There’s no doubt that my dad is the reason that I stepped into the world of music. Ironically, he was never a musician and neither was anyone else in my family. But he has always loved music, and there was always a great stereo system in the house cranking. I was instantly turned on to classic rock, and blues music which is where my original roots are. My dad would tell me how much he loved music, but never really thought to try and play it. Ever since, I’ve loved music and the idea of learning to make my own. He is my hero.

Q: Were you guys encouraged to follow the paths you wanted?

Fortunately, my parents encouraged us to go down the path we wanted. They’ve been 100 percent supportive from day one, and I know that’s something that not all people can say. So I try not to ever take that for granted, and always remain thankful.

Q: Your first band, Jrad, had the opportunity of sharing the stage with many renowned artistes and bands. What has been your most memorable performance up to now?

It’s hard to say which performance was the most memorable. But I was lucky enough to meet and share the stage with a couple of my guitar hero’s. Particularly Leslie West of “Mountain”, and Johnny Winter. I grew up listening to them, so getting to interact with them was incredible. Sadly, they’ve both passed on since then, so I feel very blessed to have had those opportunities.

Q: Have you participated in overseas performances, especially in Asia?

Unfortunately, I haven’t made it overseas for a performance yet, but it’s definitely on my list of things that I really want to do. Hopefully I’ll see you over there soon!

Q: Up till the pandemic, you were touring with Madame Mayhem. Are there any other bands which you signed up to play with at the moment?

Currently I play with Madame Mayhem which has been a blast. I love heavy mainstream style rock, and Madame Mayhem is incredible. A true rockstar and great all around human being, and same goes for the rest of the band members. I also play in Sugarmore, which is a lot of fun. We’ve been doing some crazy renditions of popular songs, and we plan to do some originals as well. Eventually we’ll have the first live gig which I’m excited for.

Q: Who are your favorite musicians and whom do you follow?

Favorite musicians – that’s a tough one because my musical tastes are very diverse, so it changes from day to day. I grew up listening to blues greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jonny Lang, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. When I discovered more aggressive rock especially from the early 90’s that was also life changing. Alice In Chains influenced me a great deal, and Jerry Cantrell has always been one of my favorites. I’m also a big Sevendust fan.

Q: Do you play only rock or do you perform other genres too?

I love to play other genres. Rock is definitely where it all started for me but I love Funk, RnB, Blues, Reggae, and Fusion.

Q: Your brother, Jordan, is also a talented drummer. How does he support you with your music?

My brother is an incredible drummer, and I can’t stress the incredible part enough. He has a viral youtube video of him doing a drum solo that speaks volumes. His support couldn’t be greater, we’re always collaborating, and advising each other. Even if it’s something one of doesn’t want to hear. That can often be the best advice. It’s not about praise and adulation, it’s about honesty and being open to ideas other than your own. Whether he’s laying down an incredible drum track for me, playing keyboards, or even editing a video for me, he’s always there doing the best he can. I try to do the same.

Q: Sugarmore, the band which you’re playing with at the moment , will soon be doing originals.

The idea behind Sugarmore is to make everything over the top. The “more is more” philosophy, and its so much fun. We’ve released 4 cover songs accompanied with videos so far, and it will be awesome to do some originals. It’s very family oriented which I love. Dom Scott and Daniel Bailey are both cousins, and Jordan and I are brothers so it feels like 4 brothers playing music together. Aside from Daniel and Dom being monster musicians and all around talents, it couldn’t be easier to work with them and just hang with them. We’re also looking forward to more collaborations with other musicians as well. Two of our releases feature Richie Cannata (ironically has the same last name as me) playing saxophone. Richie is the original sax player from the original Billy Joel hit songs, so working with him has been a treat.

Q: Which audiences do you mostly cater to?

I’m happy to make music for anyone who will listen. However, there is definitely something about rocking out on stage at a hard rock show. The energy, and the sweat that goes into it. The audience feeds off that, and I feed off them. It’s very reciprocal. I can’t wait to jump up and down on stage again. The more we put into it, the more the audience puts into it.

Q: As a guitar music instructor and also as a player, what would be your advice for beginners?

I think the best advice for someone just starting to learn guitar or any instrument, is do not be discouraged and don’t let frustration get the best of you. Learn to enjoy the fight for progress, don’t hate it. If it’s something you want to seriously do, go all in. As many hours of practice as possible. I think people that give up, usually do in the first year. If you stick with it, it will improve. And there is no finish line, you will never be done learning.

Q: Looking back at your musical journey so far, how do you feel?

While there have been ups and downs which I’m sure holds true to most musicians. I wouldn’t change anything about how things have went. All the people I’ve worked with, all the networking, all the fun, and all the struggles shape my entire being.