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Minister Prof. Peiris on double standards of certain countries

Tiger War Criminals living abroad with impunity

Baseless allegations levelled against Sri Lankan Forces
US, UK have laws to protect Forces from prosecution

Those who have committed War Crimes by forcibly conscripting children to a terrorist outfit are presently living in countries which are clamouring about Human Rights violations in Sri Lanka, said Education Minister G L Peiris yesterday.

Speaking at a news conference, Prof. Peiris said these countries are trying to meddle in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka by levelling baseless allegations against the country and its Security Forces who saved the country from the clutches of terrorism.

The Minister asked as to why such countries have failed to take action against these war criminals. He said these countries are berating Sri Lanka while giving safe havens for war criminals on their soil.

“They have written books and posted pictures of their involvement in Sri Lanka. These countries can make use of them as evidence to try them for crimes against humanity”, he said.

Prof. Peiris said the report submitted by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to the UNHRC in Geneva was not a report prepared to bring justice to our country and it was a completely biased report.

“From the beginning we said that the reports submitted by the Commissioner for Human Rights regarding our country were biased. It is not a report that presents and analyzes facts in a just manner. Her own office has acknowledged that it is appropriate to revise the report in some way. Those facts are not sufficient at all. The basis of that report is wrong.

 We hope that the final vote in this regard will be taken within two to three weeks in Geneva,” he said

The Minister said that the debate on Sri Lanka in Geneva last week was based on the High Commissioner’s report. Now looking at that report, the striking feature is that the report has nothing to do with what happened during the war. That report has been prepared regarding the internal affairs of our country. The report of the High Commissioner in November 2019 directly interferes in the internal affairs of this country.

“We do not see any other objective in this overall program other than the desire to directly intervene in the internal affairs of our country and strengthen foreign forces. We have a big question as to whether there is a single benchmark as this debate on Sri Lanka continues in Geneva. The United States has legislated in this regard. The US Congress has passed two important laws, the Foreign Operations Act and the Patriot Act. The U.S. government, the U.S. judiciary, and American citizens are strictly prohibited from cooperating in any international investigation into the US Armed Forces. American citizens are subject to severe penalties if they directly or indirectly accuse the US Armed Forces. Ambassador John Bolton, who represented the United States at the United Nations, has stated that any officer of the International Criminal Court will be directly imprisoned if he or she investigates the US Armed Forces. Great Britain also condemns any investigation into the Armed Forces. The law of Great Britain has set a strong framework for taking legal action. Those countries have taken strong measures to protect the Tri Forces.” he said.

“We clearly state that the pursuit and hunting of the tri Forces who liberated the people of this country after ending a 30 year long civil war is not only an unjust act but also a major deterrent to a global war on terror. As in other countries, we will never hesitate to go to Parliament, if necessary, to make new laws, to protect our brave war heroes from these false accusations and to protect war heroes within the legal framework of absurd allegations. Sri Lanka has been a member of the United Nations for seven consecutive decades. We continued to work in accordance with the principles of the United Nations. We will continue to maintain fruitful and friendly relations with those countries. I totally condemn the partisan program being carried out against Sri Lanka.”