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Traders given 3 month relief period

Polythene ban
N.S. Gamage
N.S. Gamage

Although the ban of manufacturing or distributing polythene based products is strictly prohibited from today , the traders who have already purchased extra stocks will be permitted to sell them for another three months period with effect from April 1, Central Environmental Authority (CEA) highlighted yesterday. CEA,Director (Investigations) N.S. Gamage told Daily News Business said that such a decision was taken by CEA to grant relief for traders to clear their additional stocks within the next three months.

Referring tothe Extraordinary Gazette notification on polythene ban, issued by theGovernment under the purview of Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, Director Gamage said the manufacturing and distributing of PET (Poly-Ethylene-Terephthalate)and PVC (Poly-Vinyl-Chloride) material for packing agro-chemicals , sachet packets with the of 20ml ( 20g) or below, cotton buds with plastic stem and inflatable toys will also be banned from this date. He further said this decision was taken following an extensive study and research done by CEA on the increasing environmental pollution in the country due to excessive use of plastic by citizens without maintaining proper waste management disposal methods.Director Gamage further said all these decisions have been taken by the CEA since both the soil and the water bodies in the country have faced severe damage and this situation has affected both the environment, its living beings and also the fauna and flora.

He also explained that manufacturing of certain other items such as single use food wrapping papers made of polythene and sili-sili bags, shopping bags, grocery bags made out of HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene) were banned in September,2017.“Spoons of yogurt cups, straws of soft drink bottles and similar other items which are harmful to the environment will also be banned in future,” he said. Gamage requested the general public to refrain from dumping used polythene and plastic to the environment without using proper waste management disposal methods, people do not listen to our fervent requests and continue their habits .

Quoting statistics, Director Gamage said over 70 MT of single use plastic waste are moving into the sea almost every day through major rivers and other minor waterways.