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Career controversies

Scarlett Johansson has opened about how she feels about the various controversies she’s been embroiled in throughout her career, saying in a recent interview that she knows she’s been “inconsiderate” and “off mark” at times.

For the Spring & Summer 2021 issue of U.K. publication ‘The Gentlewoman’, the actor admitted she’s “made a career” out of controversy.

To name a few, the star was lambasted for starring in “Ghost in the Shell,” in a role intended for an Asian actor; she doubled down on her being cast, went on to take on a trans role in a film, and adamantly defended her right to play any “person, or any tree, or any animal” in a subsequent interview. She later withdrew from the film after backlash. She’s also been widely criticized for starring in director Woody Allen’s films and declaring in recent years that she believes him to be innocent. Allen was notably accused of sexually abusing his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow when she was a young girl, but vehemently denies the allegations.

“I’m going to have opinions about things, because that’s just who I am,” Johansson told the publication. “I mean, everyone has a hard time admitting when they’re wrong about stuff, and for all of that to come out publicly, it can be embarrassing. To have the experience of, Wow, I was really off mark there, or I wasn’t looking at the big picture, or I was inconsiderate. I’m also a person.”

The 36-year-old also shared that she’s learning to recognize “when it’s not your turn to speak.”

“I can be reactive. I can be impatient. That doesn’t mix that great with self-awareness,” she said.

Johansson is slated to star in the upcoming film “Black Widow,” in the eponymous role, out this summer.

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