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Born to Die – The Birth and Death of a Saviour

Every mother is overjoyed when a baby is born. However, for Virgin Mary, at the dedication of the Holy Child, a sword pierced her heart.

Luk 2:34-35 And Simeon blessed them and told Mary, His mother, “Behold, this Child is appointed for the fall and rise of many in Israel, and for a sign to be opposed-- (35) and a sword will pierce even your own soul--to the end that thoughts from many hearts may be revealed.”

What a Child – He will cause the arising of the downtrodden and the falling of the haughty. The Nativity cradle was a feeding trough, often held by three cruciform props. Three crosses at birth under His bed and three crosses on Mount Calvary. This was no coincidence, but a prophecy of how He would be the Lamb God offered for the sins of the world.

Even as a two-year infant, Baby Jesus faced death threats from Herod the King.

Cloth Wrapped Body

Infant Jesus was wrapped in swaddling cloth and Jesus’ body was also wrapped in cloth after the crucifixion, along with aloe and myrrh. While the Magi offered the costly myrrh, the price of which would be as for silver, weight for weight, myrrh would be used to embalm His dead body.

While three Kings of the East came to honour the newborn Baby King, it was three fragile women who went to the tomb to anoint the Body with spices on Resurrection morning. Wondrously He had Risen.

The Inn and Stable where Jesus lay in the cradle were also the shepherd grounds where sheep and lamb were reared for temple sacrifices. Bethlehem was the chief supplier for temple sacrifices because it was only two km from Jerusalem. Angels kept watch in the night for lambs to be born and in cold climes, lambs had to be wrapped in swaddling cloth. It is quite right that the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, when the born human was also wrapped – may be with swaddling cloth shepherds supplied or Mary had prepared.

Drinking Myrrh

At Saviour’s birth, Magi brought myrrh to offer the Infant King. Myrrh came from an opioid-like plant and myrrh was used to dull the pain of the crucified. The Saviour was offered myrrh dissolved in sour wine to dull his pain. However, He refused the myrrh and suffered the full pain as vicarious atonement for our salvation.

Cana to Calvary

When the time came, and Saviour was asked to turn water to wine - He hesitated. Jesus knew when He does the first sign, it would also sign His death warrant, a death march of only three more years. Saviour began His ministry at a Passover feast. Nine times he would come to and go from Jerusalem for feasts. The last visit would be the tenth and that would be His last Passover. Every Jewish household separated a Lamb for slaughter at Passover. This would be the last needed since God Himself would become the Lamb of God, the last needed sacrifice. “It is Finished” would be the epitaph.

Pilate’s inscription hanging on the cross, “King of the Jews”, was the official indictment on which He was sentenced to death. This was the charge under which He was tried.

Revolution by My Blood

Karl Marx said, “Religion is the opium of the masses”, when launching his tirade against organised religion, through his book Das Capital in 1859. What he used so powerfully, was the way organised religion made people satisfied with their lot, without living Jesus’ powerful words for societal change. Rich had it all and the poor were slaves. Karl Marx gave ammunition for violent revolution. Killing the rich will not make the poor better than the rich. Both rich and poor need a heart change. All who attempt revolution shed the blood of others. They will do more bloodletting to purify the Revolution. So when Dante was put to the Guillotine by his erstwhile find Robespierre, during the French Revolution, Dante said, “I will drag you down with me”. So it was soon the red guards put Robespierre on the Guillotine. Jesus Christ gave His Life. Jesus told Simon Peter who took the sword, “Must I not drink the Cup”. Sword is never the symbol of Christianity. The Cup is..