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New paddy variety introduced

The Bombuwela Paddy Research Station has introduced a new high-yield samba paddy variety called BW 312. The grains of this variety of rice are moderately long and red in colour and 180 bushels of this paddy could be easily reaped from an acre. It is suitable for all weather conditions in the country. It was also reported that 200 bushels of paddy have already been reaped from one-acre cultivation in Murunkan, Jaffna. This new paddy variety is able to withstand pests, diseases, weather conditions, and soil contamination to a great extent. Harvests could be reaped within three months. These paddy plants would not fall down, even up to the point where the harvest is ready to be yielded. So, harvest can easily be collected using reaping machines, research officials said. The variety is now in high demand among paddy farmers, Bombuwela Paddy Research Station Assistant Director Deepika Weerasinhe said.