People won’t be duped by Opposition’s gimmicks - Prof. Ranjith Bandara | Daily News

People won’t be duped by Opposition’s gimmicks - Prof. Ranjith Bandara

The Opposition is putting on an act and has selected a few sensitive subjects for media publicity in their attempt to mislead the people as if they are not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, said Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Parliamentarian Professor Ranjith Bandara yesterday.

He said that the people are well aware of the Opposition's modus operandi of cheating and will not be misled again.

Professor Bandara made these observations at the SLPP media briefing at the Water's Edge Hotel in Battaramulla.

He further said the Opposition has suddenly become environmentally conscious but the people of this country know who destroyed the environment. "We should not talk about persons who speak about the environment," Ranjith Bandara said. "The country is affected by a pandemic. However, the Opposition thought that they would not be affected by it. They have selected a few sensitive subjects and are trying to mislead the people through them. The people of this country know who destroyed the environment."

He said that those members of the Good Governance Government held Ministerial posts watched how 300 people were killed at one spot and by now found on streets with some topics attempting to mislead the people of this country.

"The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna which was active in the 1980s is saying that they will topple the Government," MP Bandara said. "The JVP were responsible for creating an environment where 96,000 young people had to sacrifice their lives. They ruined the economy. That is the political party which brought chaos to this country," he added.

He said the country's economy was in the doldrums during the tenure of the Good Governance Government. “But in contrast their predecessor, Mahinda Rajapaksa had brought about one decade of development in the history of this country”, he added.

"After British rule, it was only during the Mahinda Rajapaksa era that the length of a railway track was extended by even a foot," MP Bandara said. "The country's economy recorded a 8% growth rate during the 73 year period since Independence only under the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government," he said.

"The second decade of development has begun under the tenure of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The media has the responsibility to explain the truth about the work done by the Government to the public. The Government has strengthened the country's national security, protected the cultural heritage and has worked for genuine reconciliation," Prof. Ranjith Bandara said.

"The previous Good Governance Government did not provide jobs for graduates unlike the incumbent Government. Young people were given employment and the President is fulfilling his election promises. He is, in the true sense of the word, a very simple State Leader. He added that the Government has already begun building 5,000 bridges in this country for the convenience of the public.

Minister Gamini Lokuge also was present on the occasion.