Laptops of two UAE deportees contain extremist content -TID | Daily News

Laptops of two UAE deportees contain extremist content -TID

The Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) has uncovered that the laptops of the two individuals who were deported from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and arrested in Sri Lanka recently contained various lectures and videos containing ideas on extremism and fundamentalism.

Two Sri Lankans working in the United Arab Emirates who were deported recently were arrested by the Terrorism Investigation Division in connection with various activities related to extremism.

One person from the United Arab Emirates was deported to Sri Lanka on December 5. He was arrested on March 20 in the Hingula area in Mawanella. He is a 44-year-old man.

Another 47-year-old suspect was arrested on March 25 in the Matale area. They were arrested for spreading extremism and fundamentalism over the Internet from a foreign country.

Police investigations have revealed that the suspects had identified certain Sri Lankan families in the United Arab Emirates and had given lectures to spread extremist ideas among them.

Also they had engaged in propaganda sending various information, lectures and photos to Sri Lanka through the internet.

The police had brought to the notice of the experts the laptops used by the two suspects. Following such referrals, reports of that data were returned to the Terrorism Division. Accordingly, it has been reported that the relevant laptops contain different lectures and different data on extremist fundamentalist ideas.

Accordingly, the Terrorism Investigation Division is conducting further investigations.