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Easter Sunday PCoI Final Report

Majority of recommendations approved by Ministerial Subcommittee

A Government source said a majority of the recommendations in the Final Report of the Presidential Commission appointed to look into the Easter Sunday Terror Attacks has been approved by the Ministerial Subcommittee.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa appointed this ministerial subcommittee in February to study the report and submit proposals on how the recommendations of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Easter Sunday terror attack should be implemented.

It was chaired by Minister Chamal Rajapaksa and the other members were Ministers Udaya Gammanpila, Prasanna Ranatunga, Johnston Fernando, Ramesh Pathirana and Rohitha Abeygunawardena.

It is reported that the ministerial subcommittee has approved the recommendation of the commission to pay Rs. 2 million for each person who died in the terrorist attack on Easter Sunday and Rs. 500,000 to those who were injured.

Of the 271 people killed in the incident, 51 have not yet been compensated and the Easter Commission’s recommendation to pay compensation to them too has been approved by the Cabinet Sub-Committee, source said.

Recommendation to provide financial assistance for life and for further treatment and security for Mohamed Razik Mohamed Thaslin, who played a key role in the arrest of the suspects in the Mawanella incident, is said to have been approved.

A proposal to pay compensation to the closest relative of Ramesh Raju, who died at the Zion Church in Batticaloa, as his brave act reduced the death toll, is said to have been approved.

Also, the Cabinet Sub-Committee on the Recommendation of the Commission on the Implementation of a Welfare Project for the Disadvantaged has recommended that a welfare project be implemented for children under the age of 18 who have lost both parents.

The recommendation by the commission to set up a special unit at the Attorney General’s Department for the protection of ancient religious monuments and to deal with terrorism is also said to have got the nod of the subcommittee.

The recommendation to amend the Companies Act to make it impossible for companies to support extremist teachings and fund extremists too is reported to have been approved.

The Ministerial Subcommittee on the Commission’s recommendation that legislation be enacted to confiscate all the property of suicide bombers and that such funds be credited to a fund for compensation to victims of terrorism, is said to have stated that in addition it is appropriate to confiscate the property of persons who have aided, abetted, and concealed information.

The report also recommended an extensive investigation into Zaharan and his associates.

It also called for legal action to be taken to prevent political interference in existing criminal investigations.

It has also endorsed the establishment of High Courts dedicated to hearing and concluding all criminal cases related to terrorism and the recommendation to provide special care and training to judges in this regard, the source said.

The Ministerial Subcommittee is said to have approved the recommendations made by the Commission regarding Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera and Abdul Razik.

It is said that the committee had also approved that the Ministry of Defence should always be under the President and that an Acting Minister of Defence should be appointed if the President goes abroad.

Approval has also been given to establish only one ministry for all religious affairs and legislation for it to be under the President or the Prime Minister.

The Ministerial Subcommittee has said the commission’s recommendation that all voters be required to cast their ballots was inappropriate.

It has also endorsed the recommendation that senior government officials should not hold more than one post.

It has also been approved that all investigations into terrorism should be conducted by the Terrorism Investigation Division apart from exceptional situations and an experienced investigator appointed as its head.