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Farcical scenes at Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant 2021

The Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant 2021 held at the Nelum Pokuna Theater on Sunday night ended in a scrimmage with reigning Mrs. World Caroline Jurie stripping the crown off the winner.

Pushpika De Silva, contestant number 20 was announced as Mrs. Sri Lanka in the presence of former First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa, Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayke (herself a winner of the Mrs World title) and Chandimal De Silva.

A tense situation arose when former Mrs. Sri Lanka Caroline Jurie hastily entered the stage and accused Mrs. Pushpika De Silva of being a divorcee and therefore ineligible to take part in the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant. In the next minute Jurie stripped contestant number 20 of her crown and crowned the first runner-up as the winner.

Pushpika De Silva has been hospitalized due to the injuries sustained when Jurie snatched the crown and it is reported that Pushpika is suffering serious injuries to her scalp.

Pushpika De Silva penned a statement on her official Facebook page stating that she is not a divorcee and challenged the organizers to present any legal document that upholds her divorce. She said that “living separately “and “being divorced” are two different things and emphasized that she is not a divorcee at the moment.

She stated that it was a well-known fact that she is living separately with her child and she has her own personal reasons regarding that. She reiterated that she is not a divorcee. Pushpika added that the organizers could have decided her ineligibility before crowning her whereas she has come forward in the pageant passing several side contests and the organizers could not have been asleep.

She mentioned that “real queens fox each other’s crowns’’.

She further mentioned that she has taken legal action against the allegations levelled against her claiming that she has violated the rules of the pageant.

It is reported that she has lodged a complaint with the Cinnamon Gardens Police against Caroline Jurie and Chula Padmendra who upheld Jurie’s action.

Reports state that Pushpika De Silva will be reinstated as the winner of the pageant soon. Organizer of Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World Chandimal Jayasinghe has stated that Jurie who was a member of the Judges panel did not raise any concerns until the last minute adding that documents related to her claims have also not been provided against Pushpika.

The incident had become a hot potato on social media, with many criticizing the act of Jurie and the s actions of the judges panel. Jurie was heavily criticized for embarrassing another woman.