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Stop the import of unrefined coconut oil - Opposition Leader

The government should take strict measures to stop the import of unrefined coconut oil that contains carcinogens, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said in Parliament yesterday (6). “The people of this country use coconut oil for food preparation.On average more than 75% of the annual coconut oil requirement of the country is met with imported coconut oil. Recently, there was a controversy over such imported coconut oil that contained carcinogens. Currently, the Conformity

Assessment conducted by the Sri Lanka Standards Institute has revealed that 13 containers of coconut oil contain the carcinogen Aflatoxin,” Premadasa observed. The Opposition Leader made these observations raising a question under the Standing Order 27/7 in Parliament yesterday (6). “Although the government has stated that the unrefined coconut oil found to contain carcinogenic substances has not been released to the market, there are reports that there are products currently in the market that contain carcinogens. Also, coconut oil bowsers suspected to contain carcinogens have been found in the Dankotuwa area and are currently being tested,” Premadasa furthered.

The Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa added, “Until this revelation was made by the health sector, the relevant departments have not made any disclosure regarding the quality of coconut oil and other food items imported into the country. In this situation, the health of the people who should be protected by the government is in grave danger and it is clear that the helpless people are in danger due to the needs of a few racketeering traders. Thus, the government should pay close attention to take steps to curb importation and the sale of unrefined coconut oil that contains aflatoxin.”