Easter Sunday Bomb Attacks: AG files suit | Daily News
Murder, conspiracy charges against 32:

Easter Sunday Bomb Attacks: AG files suit

Public Security Minister Dr.Sarath Weerasekara told the Daily News that files pertaining to the eight incidents connected to the Easter Sunday bomb attacks have been completed and sent to the Attorney General for action.

He added that within the next couple of days, he expects legal proceedings to commence against those involved in the damaging of the Mawanella Buddha statues.

He said,“The Colombo Crime Division, Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Terrorism Investigation Department (TID) carried out investigations into the attacks targeting eight locations.

We have already handed over eight files to the AG’s Department in respect of the eight incidents to indict 32 people on murder and conspiracy charges. The AG has been waiting for the Presidential Commission reports to be released to move forward. The Presidential Commission report was also released about a month ago and now it is up to the AG to file the cases. The police did their part and no one else can file the cases except the AG and it is up to him now. In addition there are 75 persons under Detention Orders and as their investigations progress, we will send those information to the AG. However, as far as the main suspects of the attacks are concerned, we have completed the investigations and sent the files to the AG,” he said.

The Minister expressed hope that within the next few days the AG will commence filing charges first against those responsible for the destruction of the Mawanella Buddhist statues.

Meanwhile, responding to media reports claiming that the Cardinal had hinted on several occasions regarding political hands behind the Easter attacks, Minister Weerasekara said, that churches were specifically targeted due to the IS ideology. “If it was politically motivated, then churches would not have been specifically targeted. They knew that by attacking churches they could gain international attention. In fact even the lights at the Eifel Tower was switched off and they would not have gained that global attention had they attacked a temple. Therefore, I can’t imagine this attack having any political hand.

When asked whether he is confident of such an attack not taking place under the current regime, he said that he cannot rule out completely such a scenario. “I can’t rule it out completely as we don’t know who is under such extremist ideologies.”