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Effortless originality!

The local Rock music scene in Sri Lanka seems to be going towards a new dimension, with a lot of young blood and local talent coming up, and performing such quality music, that they have the talent even to perform at an international level.

Nevertheless including international music festivals across the world – such as the Wacken , Summerfest or even the Glastonbury! If we had a local Woodstock festival here it would have been a treat to watch all these bands in action. When it comes to the local Rock music scene, we do see a large number of bands in local concerts who have that passion, energy and fire inside them to do a great show. They are the local talent which keeps this amazing music culture going strong, which started off with the likes of Bill Haley, Elvis Presley and Jimmy Hendrix to the modern day Rockers who inspire and attract millions of fans with their amazing music.

On today’s T’nC, we are having a chat with one of the upcoming and most sought after bands in the local rock music scene- Trishira. Along with its extraordinary but unique name, Trishira has a unique story behind its inception, which you will hear from its members themselves.

The band started in 2016 with a passion for Heavy Metal / fusion music, and Trishira started off as the brainchild of Supun and Shavi , along with Ezra on guitars, they started jamming. They collaborated with a few other talented musicians as well, and finally, the first official lineup was formed together with Sanka on guitars and Oshi on Vocals. After another few jamming sessions and local gigs, the band decided to enter a local band competition. Soon after, since Oshi had to migrate for higher studies, they had to look for another vocalist as replacement. As a result, Nipuna, who was a mutual friend of Shavi and Ezra, joined the band after an audition in 2019. So far the current lineup consists of Nipuna (Jonty) –vocals, Ezra (Guitars), Sanka (guitars), Supun (Bass), and Shavi (Drums). Though they have quite a short inception, they are already making sound waves in the local rock scene with their unique performance and technique. Some of their performances include a Charity Open Mic Night organized by the MUN , Onstage, Acoustic Saturday, The Circus , Rockdown I and Rockdown III. Focused on finishing their first studio album, their main goal is to take their music to the masses and do their motherland proud by performing on the international stage. Therefore, let’s begin our chat with Nipuna Fernando (Jonty) who is also the frontman of the band, and Ezra Naotunna to tell us about their beginnings, experiences and their latest progress. Excerpts:

Q: Tell us about what’s happening with Trishira, music-wise these days.

We are currently working on our first studio album which is a work in progress, whilst playing for local gigs which we love the most.

Q: What was the initiative behind starting the band Trishira?

There is a funny story behind the name TRISHIRA. But before Trishira came into play, we called ourselves by many names. But none of us were comfortable with those.

Our bassist Supun and our drummer Shavin have a keen interest in the non- recorded Sri Lankan history related to King Ravana. Trishira is one of king Ravana's sons who had mastered three areas to the fullest. Since our music a mix of three key elements from progressive to groove with an eastern twist, we decided to settle to this name and as a matter of fact, our drummer insisted that we use this name or else he would “quit the band”. So Shavin is responsible for baptizing the band was Trishira and which supported the initiative behind the band which was to promote Sri Lankan originality in the Metal scene.

Q: Is it only a progressive and a heavy metal band or do you guys perform other genres as well?

We don't like to stick into specific genres, since inception, we covered tunes from heavy metal to groove metal and later on brought in progressive components especially in our originals. And we have used elements from a platter of music genres including gospel, jazz, Latin American and even exotic eastern folk music. We don’t want to progress just as a cover band and our main focus is on making our own material, yet if we are to label our music under a genre we can say that we play “Sri Lankan Metal”.

Q: What are the bands and who are the artistes which inspire you to perform?

Five of us have come from different musical backgrounds which enable us to create our originals with different colours making the band sound more versatile. If we talk about influences, Nipuna(Jonty) grew up listening to bands such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Ian Gillen from Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and highly influenced by Phil Anselmo of Pantera. Ezra Loves his progressive and technical stuff and he is highly influenced by bands such as Nevermore, Opeth and death. Ezra chose his weapon of choice after being influenced by the Guitar Gods such as Jeff Loomis and Dimebag Darrel. Our other axeman, Sanka loves his Melodic, metalcore bands and stuff like Nightwish, Arch Enemy, and when it comes to tonality is heavily influenced by Mark Morton, Wille Adler and Michael Ammot. Our bassist Supun loves his progressive and Groove metal styles and is influenced by bands like Chimaira, and inspired by the amazing bassist John myung. Since supun is also a Tabla Visharadar he loves the Eastern music style as well.

Our Drummer Shavin is influenced by Indian folk music and follow drummers like Virgil Donati, Mike Portnoy and Thomas Lang.

And as a band we are highly influenced by acts such as Pantera, Lamb of God, Iron Maiden and local bands such as Stigmata and Triloka.

Q: What were the challenges which you had to face, coming to the music field as a new band?

Even though Trishira is relatively a new band, most of our members were involved in the local metal scene, playing for bands such as Crywolf and Sevexth. However, It was not a bed of roses when we started off swinging back and forth from our day jobs and practices and balancing the scales between personal life and the band. But with support from our families, we were able to bypass the obstacles. We would like to mention our fans the ‘Trishira family’ who keeps our fire ignited. We are grateful the gig promoters such as Suriya Brothers and Mosh scream rock for creating amazing platforms for us and other new bands to perform. And we would especially like to thank the veterans of the local metal scene for their support and guidance.

Q: What was your first performance on stage, and how was the experience?

Our first appearance was in 2017. It was an acoustic open mic night organized by the MUN. We played a few of our favorites.

After adapting the name Trishira, we took part in onstage (a local band competition). And after the lineup change of our band, we played our first official gig, the Acoustic Saturday organized by Suriya Brothers. At first, we were a bit nervous but when started playing we didn't want to step out.

The first metal gig we played is at a gig called the circus in 2019.

Q: When you perform, what are you mostly focused on?

We just love performing! it doesn’t matter if there are 1000s of metal heads or even 5 people at a gig, we just want the crowd to enjoy and to be moved by what we play! but most importantly, we just want to have a good time playing what we love and if the crowd loves it, that’s a bonus.

Q: Any plans for the future?


We have a set of short-term goals, finishing our first studio album being the first and a few other related tasks. However, our main goal and dream is to take our music to the masses both local and international. And try to hoist the Sri Lankan flag in the international arena through our music.