Previous Govt. failed to divulge information about toxic food items - Citizens’ Organization | Daily News

Previous Govt. failed to divulge information about toxic food items - Citizens’ Organization

Convener of the Citizens’ Organization S. Priyantha Fernando yesterday said that the previous Government had taken steps not to divulge any information about the report which stated that foods in the market contain heavy metals, cadmium, arsenic, and lead, which are harmful to the human body.

“Seven samples out of 500 food samples that were directed for quality assurance have confirmed the presence of heavy metals that can cause pathogens, including cancer,” states the Citizens’ Organization.

He said the Auditor General’s Department has confirmed that the report has not been released for three years although it confirmed the presence of toxic substances.

The relevant inspection was carried out by the National Post Harvest Management Institute (Rice Processing Centre) in Anuradhapura at a cost of Rs. 5.35 million during the tenure of the previous Government.

According to the audit report conducted on 31st December 2018, it has been confirmed that a number of irregularities, corruption and frauds have taken place and it has been revealed that the Auditor General’s Department has also submitted a report to the Parliamentary Accounts Committee.

“This report is based on the results of the Food Standards Test during the previous Government, but they did not disclose the toxins contained in seven foods.

Although the results were obtained after that test, the previous Government did not take any action in this regard.

They know that seven foods contain heavy metals including cadmium and arsenic. The report colleagues have set the stage for poisoning the innocent people of the country for nearly three years to protect their friends,” he said.

Therefore, the Citizens’ Organization requested the present government to make the people of the country aware of the toxic foods that have been discovered at a cost of over Rs. 5 million at public expense.