Principle Healthcare appoints Elroy Fernando as regional Vice President South East Asia | Daily News

Principle Healthcare appoints Elroy Fernando as regional Vice President South East Asia

In a move that expresses confidence in Sri Lanka as a market for cutting edge nutraceutical products, Principle Healthcare UK has appointed industry veteran Elroy Fernando as their Regional Vice President for South East Asia.

Principle Healthcare commenced stand-alone operations in the country recently, having been known as a British brand catering to a wide spectrum of nutritional needs for over 3 years.

As their new Regional Vice President, Elroy Fernando counts over 20 years in the business of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals and is credited with building the portfolio of a leading vitamin brand in Sri Lanka. “Micronutrient deficiency is a global issue with high prevalence rates predominantly being recorded from developing countries such as Sri Lanka.” says Elroy Fernando,

”Principle Healthcare is committed to delivering innovative new products that enhance the well-being and provide immunity support in order to alleviate nutrition-related diseases.”In a worldwide market that is growing, nutraceuticals have paved the way for new concepts that contribute towards multi-faceted needs in nutritional support. As research grows, so do products that address changing needs.

“Principle Healthcare understands the changing needs of various members of the family – there are specially developed products for men, women and those that require special nutritional needs in our portfolio of products.”

Principle Healthcare International is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements. The Company takes pride in its British heritage and expresses a consistent commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality as a preferred British brand.

“We are clearly focused on research and development and work closely with nutritionists, formulation scientists, researchers and other category specific professionals. We try to stay ahead of nutritional concerns while sustaining a dedicated effort to deliver credible and evidence-based products – not to mention paying close attention to areas such as immunity, healthy ageing, heart and circulatory health, etc.”With Fernando’s appointment as Regional Vice President, Sri Lanka will now operate as the hub in South East Asia, with an expansion into regional markets, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia.

Principle Healthcare UK is a premier nutritional supplement brand in Sri Lanka with a wide portfolio of products that consists of innovative vitamin and mineral formulations. With a passion and belief to make a real difference in modern-day nutrition, Principle Healthcare is committed to deliver proactive healthcare and nutritional solutions. Principle Healthcare products are available in leading pharmacies and supermarkets.