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GMOA presents 11-point plan to contain COVID spread

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) has issued an 11-point plan for containing COVID-spread on Sunday. The proposal has been submitted to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

“We believe that the grassroots level delivery of care contributed very much to control the pandemic, whereas contribution at the centre, at Ministry level, as well as the testing scheme has not been adequate for the lateral decision-making. Army intelligence reports, too, are in part based on suboptimal analysis provided by the Epidemiology Unit,” GMOA said.

“We emphasise on inadequacies in testing as well as hospital capacity to successfully face the crisis situation. The GMOA has always joined to shoulder the burden created by the COVID 19 pandemic upon all aspects of the country and its citizens to controll the pandemic while maintaining day to day affairs with minimal disruption as we elaborated. The absolute necessity of making appropriate strategy decisions on accurate facts to mitigate COVID 19 should never be underestimate,” the GMOA’s letter to the President said.

The measures proposed by the GMOA include, Establishment of accurate data handling at the Epidemiology Unit, mobilising necessary manpower to the Unit, increasing the testing capacity to an adequate level while minimising discrepancies and establishing a mechanism to accurately amalgamate testing data from both public and private sectors.

The GMOA proposes to share data with GPS mapping to all relevant stakeholders including grassroots level preventive and curative services and establish and implement a strategic plan to expand intermediate, hospital and ICU care capacity depending on forecast projections.

It requests to strictly implement guidelines, zonal lockdowns and restrictions based on accurate real time data and projections while enhancing social capital by accurate, effective and cohesive risk communication while negating contradictory statements by authorities.

It stresses the importance of making every effort to procure COVID vaccines in adequate quantities with rational administration according to local and international recommendations. It recommends home isolation of asymptomatic patients on scientific criteria, considering both individual and social factors.