Sri Lankan expat wins Dh12 million in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket | Daily News

Sri Lankan expat wins Dh12 million in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket

Mohammed Mishfak, 36, a sales professional for a private company in Dubai, won the mega jackpot taking home Dh12 million.

Speaking to Gulf News from Sri Lanka where Mishfak is vacationing with his family, the draw winner said he was excited with the win. “I can’t breathe or think straight! I have been receiving so many calls on my mobile.”

Mishfak shares his winning ticket with 20 other people. “My share is around Dh600,000 and I am very grateful for this. My father underwent an operation and this money is very handy,” said the sales professional, who earns Dh7,000 a month.

“The other contributors to the ticket are super excited just like me. They have been calling me to tell me to collect the money as soon as possible.”

Mishfak won the jackpot with ticket number 054978. He is a resident of Dubai for the past 10 years staying with his friends while his wife is back home in Sri Lanka with their two children.

“I could not afford to bring my family here due to low salary. When Richard called me to say I had won, my happiness knew no bounds. I was excited and happy at the same time when I heard that it’s Richard from Big Ticket calling me as I know Richard only calls the winner of the jackpot draw that too on the third of every month.”

Mishfak said he has been purchasing the Big Ticket for the past year and a half together with his 20 friends. They pool money together each month to participate at the Big Ticket.

He said much of the money won will go towards solving his family’s financial problems and build a home for his two children and wife in Sri Lanka. -Gulf News