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Get admitted immediately if COVID positive - SLMA

Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) President Dr.Padma Gunaratne yesterday said COVID-19 infected persons had shown a reluctance to get admitted to hospitals and this situation had led to the increase in the death toll in the country.

She said that many of those infected get admitted to a hospital after their situation worsened. “It is very difficult to save a life, when the patient is admitted to after his condition has worsened,”she said.

Doctors say the virus develops in the chest leading to pneumonia within the first few days of the virus being infected.

Early medical attention will help prevent such situation.Patients should admit themselves to hospital before developing symptoms to save their lives, doctors said.

The Health Ministry’s Epidemiological Unit said 108 COVID related deaths were reported during the past eight days.

Health authorities said a less number of COVID-19 deaths were reported from hospitals.