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X-Press Pearl: Oil Spill Response Teams on standby

X-Press Feeders, the operators of the container ship ‘X-Press Pearl’ issuing a statement yesterday said it can confirm that the situation on the scene (where the ship sank near Colombo) remains the same with no signs of debris and no reports of fuel oil pollution as of 0700 Sri Lanka local time.

The ship’s aft portion is sitting on the seabed at a depth of about 21 meters, and the forward section continues to settle down slowly.

Salvage teams remain on scene to deal with any possible debris supported by the Sri Lankan Navy and the Indian Coast Guard, who have oil spill response capabilities on standby, the statement further said.

X-Press Feeders further said ashore representatives of ITOPF and Oil Spill Response are monitoring updates from the scene and remain on standby to be deployed in case of any reported spill. They continue to coordinate with MEPA and the Sri Lankan Navy on an established plan to deal with any possible spill of oil and other pollutants. “We remain committed to assist in the shoreline cleanup efforts led by MEPA and the Sri Lankan Navy.

“Due to the lockdown in Sri Lanka, we can only contribute machinery, not manpower, and we will continue to be guided by the local authorities.”

“The crew continues to co-operate with local police in their investigations, with four of the officers interviewed so far.

They remain housed in a quarantine hotel with other crew members. One seafarer remains in a private hospital recovering from leg injuries sustained in the evacuation from the ship. A second injured seafarer, who tested COVID positive but remains asymptomatic, is recovering in a military hospital,” the statement said.