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Yala Jeepers oppose entry of French visitors

Several jeep drivers opposed the decision to open the Yala National Park for visiting Naval persons from France.

“We oppose the opening of the Yala National Park to visitors only for a few hours yesterday (8), at a time when all national parks including the Yala Park are closed due to the spread of COVID-19, Yalagama Safari Jeeps Association Secretary Sampath Galappatti said.

“We got to know that a group of French nationals are visiting the Yala National Park yesterday. We also inquired from several responsible parties in this regard. They told us that this is a diplomatic visit. It is not acceptable to allow only one group to visit Yala at a time when the Yala National Park is closed for tourists. Foreigners in the country and even local tourists are not allowed to enter Yala. We do not know at whose request this is happening. However, we strongly oppose this,” he said.

Twenty three jeeps have been reserved for this trip according to the wishes of the people who are currently organising this trip.

We had planned to oppose strongly against this. However, on the night of June 6 the OIC of the Kirinda Police Station summoned the police and told us to stop. “We were not allowed to go to the place where the group was coming from. Anyone who went to that place would be arrested for violating the quarantine rules.”