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Litro Gas Lanka celebrates World LPG day

As the world faces recovery from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of LPG as the clean, green and efficient energy has become central for economic and community recovery efforts, says the World LPG Association commemorating the World LPG Day this month.

This year, the World LPG Day is based on encouraging sustainable recovery from the pandemic - a common vision of empowering communities through LPG, a theme that has been endorsed and upheld by its members and stakeholders.

In Sri Lanka, driving the WLPGA vision is Litro Gas Lanka, Sri Lanka’s national LPG provider who looks back on a proud heritage of 150 years in LPG – having laid the pathway for the growth of LPG to become what it is today, a clean, green energy extensively used for household purposes as well as business applications.

“As a member of the world LPG body, WLPGA, Litro Gas Lanka remains firmly committed to partnering WLPGA on upholding the vision of sustainable recovery across multiple aspects of the energy sector.” Says Anil Koswatte Chairman and CEO of Litro Gas Lanka and Litro Gas Terminal Lanka.

Over the years, as LPG became firmly entrenched in the country, Litro Gas Lanka has expanded the scope of LPG as a clean and efficient energy, shaping its progress with new and state-of-the-art areas of usage while encouraging multiple applications.

The Company has consistently focused on delivering innovative and research based functions, with particular emphasis on encouraging small and medium scale businesses along with large industries to choose LPG as a cheaper, cleaner and a far more efficient fuel.

“In Sri Lanka, the domestic usage of LPG currently stands at around 35% - there are communities that still depend on energy sources likely to cause indoor pollution, such as firewood. To encourage them to switch to LPG as a clean, green energy forms one of our key efforts.”

From having ensured that a considerable economic benefit is passed on to the consumers by sustaining prices from way back before the first lockdown came into effect, the Company has expanded the portfolio of its products, adding value and addressing changing customer specifications. Litro Gas Lanka is also a Member of the Clean Cooking Alliance, which works with global partners towards ensuring clean cooking energy for the entire world.

Continuing with innovation based applications, the Company recently introduced a pipe borne LPG system which encourages a shift from cylinder based LPG to an on-demand system.

The system is likely to set a new standard for the industry, giving customers greater leverage in choosing their LPG options.

With a 76% market share in the LPG sector and a Rs. 45 billion turnover, Litro Gas Lanka operates over 14,000 points-of-sale, 1,500 home delivery hubs and a network of 42 distributors.


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