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Proposed railway line stirs residents

The residents who have been affected by the construction of the railway line from Kurunegala to Habarana via Dambulla said that they are inconvenienced as they have not been able to get proper information about the proposed railway line so far.

They said that a preliminary discussion was held in 2007 in this regard, and it was stated that the railway line is lying close to the A6 Road near Thalakiriyagama.

However, reportedly, the proposed railway line will be constructed a kilometer away from the A6 Road.

This situation prompted the residents to build houses and other buildings close to the A6 Road. As a result, nearly 200 buildings had cropped up in the site during the period. Four ground surveys have been carried out for the construction of the proposed railway line close to the A6 Road. After an air survey, the authority has made a decision to remove about 150 buildings including houses in Thalakiriyagama alone, they said.

The residents said that the expressway, which is being surveyed, is about to continue construction about a kilometer from the A6 Road and the railway line would also be constructed parallel to it. They said that the construction of a railway line between two roads cause a great property damage as the expressway will be constructed a kilometer from the A6 Road.

They allege that steps have been taken to develop A6 Road using four lanes about three years ago but it had been abruptly halted and that the Road had been re-located to meet personnel needs of some even after the final survey of the proposed railway line.

According to the officials, the railway line could be constructed to minimise the damage caused to the residents. They said that the relevant areas should be informed about the implementation of such a large-scale project but no such action has been taken so far.

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