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Empowering and inspiring the youth

The multi-talented Abhisheka Wimalaweera , who is our guest on today’s T&C can be taken as a true example to empower and inspire women all across the country, to achieve their goals and reach their destiny.

Though they want to fulfill their dreams, certain traditional concepts and restrictions keep them away from reaching their target. Abhisheka is one of those who broke all those barriers to get reach her destiny, inspired by her father, and her musical journey is one clear example of never to give up, and a woman can do anything she wants if she has the proper dedication and commitment for what she’s doing. The challenges which she had to face during her childhood did not stop her becoming what she wanted to be. Once you have the passion, courage and enthusiasm to reach your goals, the opportunities are endless.


Q: What are you engaged in these days ?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka, everything was handled online. However, the best thing about having to handle matters online is that I was able to reach out to clients far away which helped me to increase my clientele.

Q: Was entering the art and music field just a coincidence?

No, it was definitely not a coincidence. It was my dream since my childhood. More than mine, it was my father’s ultimate dream to see me become a singer and it all started when I first faced the camera in grade 5.

Q: Most people got to know you from childrens’ programmes like ‘’Lahiru Madala’’ , ‘’Samanala Uyana’’ , Sellam Gedara’’ and Dedunu Handaawa’’ . How would you recall those days?

My first programme was ‘’Lahiru Madala’’. Looking back at those days I feel that I had a memorable childhood. I think I’m lucky to have had such rare, valuable, experiences as a child. It felt like being in a University at the age of 10.

Q: What was your main inspiration to became a talented vocalist and a playback singer, cum a lyricist?

My inspiration was my father. When I was a child my father and I used to sing together. He used to bring me old English, Sinhala and Hindi songs to listen to. These made me realise the beauty of this industry. It became a beautiful picture that my father created in my mind. It was his guidance that led me to be a song writer as well. He is an award winner. I too want to be like him as he is the one who showed me bliss in being an artist.

Q: How was your experience being influenced by so many veteran artistes, and also receiving the Sangeet Visharadh from the Bhathkande Music Institute?

It was my father who encouraged me to sit for the Visharadha exam. Sangeet Nipun Sanath Nandasiri was my teacher. I was able to work with a lot of skilled senior artistes in the field. All whom I met were very supportive. Their experiences taught me valuable lessons. Some people say that seniors don’t support the young artistes, but in my opinion that is not true.

Q: What were the most memorable moments of your music career?

Each step taken in my music career was quite memorable to me. Every song I did was loved and embraced by my fans. Every comment and encouragement I received adds to my memory lane.

Q: Are you still in touch with your childhood friends who used to perform alongside you those days?

Yes, I’m still in touch with my childhood friends. They are all grown up and in different fields but we make it a point to keep in touch at all times with the use of social media platform.

Q: Tell us about your diverse roles in being a lecturer in music, vocalist, entrepreneur and an author.

I love to work. I work as a part time lecturer at the Colombo University. I use my leisure time as a singer but my main workforce is my business in the beauty culture field. All that I own today is due to my business. Therefore, I give first preference to business.

Q: You seem to have a skin care line mostly based on Ayurveda products. Are you very much interested in using Ayurveda products?

Not Ayurvedic , we mostly do herbal care treatments. The best advertisement I can do is to show a client with results of my treatments. I believe that using celebrities or spending thumping amounts in advertising means that there is some problem somewhere. I treasure the clients who have found me through word of mouth because they are the ones who have truly experienced that my treatments are not fake.

Q: What’s your advice to those who want to come up in the music and arts field?

Not just in the field of music, it is difficult to survive in any field. It is difficult to sustain in any field. However, in the field of music you experience a lot of undercutting, it is difficult to maintain your respect as a woman in this field. As a woman you should be bold enough to reject what is not suitable to you. Looking back, I’m proud and happy about the decisions I had taken in this field. I have not lost anything but gained many by rejecting what is not suitable for my reputation. My advice is, have the habit of rejecting what is not suitable to you.

Q: Any future aspirations?

I have plans to uplift my business, few more of my , tele drama and film songs are yet to be released. I’ve also begun my PHD and that’s how life goes on.

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