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Cabinet Decisions

1. Transfer the ownership of the land belong to the Government and enjoyed by the Open University of Sri Lanka

The Open University of Sri Lanka established in 1980 in terms of the provisions of the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978 is one of the sixteen (16) National Universities controlled under the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Seventy-five (75) foundation level to doctorate degrees is being conducted by this establishment while 44,600 students enrolled to this University in 2020.

This university being the only higher education institute established by the Government to render the higher education across open and distant learning methodology, nine (09) regional centres and nineteen (19) study centres have been established throughout the island.

The Cabinet of Ministers granted approval to the proposal submitted by the Minister of Education to transfer seventeen (17) plots of land where the said centres are being situated and belong to the Government subject to the provisions of the State Land Ordinance to enable upgrading sufficient physical facilities to be developed in the said regional centres and study centres to supply a formal education to the students.

2. Entering into a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ruhuna University and the Galilee International Management Institute of Israel.

An agreement has been made to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding in between the University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka and Galilee International Management Institute of Israel with the objective of exchanging scientific and management knowledge and skills in the agriculture sector.

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal submitted by the Minister of Education to sign the relevant Memorandum of Understanding between the two parties.

3.Granting approval for water tourist residences and water villas in Kalpitiya

Some countries engaged in tourism have introduced the Water Villas concept for attracting top level international tourists in the global tourism trade. It has been identified that the Water Tourist Residences and Water Villas concept can be utilized to promote tourism in Kalpitiya and other coastal areas.

Twelve (12) islets in the area have already been acquired to the Tourist Development Authority for upgrading tourism in Kalpitiya area promoting the islet resort concept.

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers granted approval to the resolution furnished by the Minister of Tour ism to implement the project proposal forwarded by Sun Resort Investment Lanka (Private) Limited that has obtained Wellei I, II and III islets in Kalpitiya area for a long-term lease to construct a tourist resort consist of 50 tourist residences with water tourist residences and water villas.

4. Establishment of a judicial training academy

While the Judges' Institute is serving as the only establishment for Education within the judicial system in Sri Lanka, the assistance from the institute is not at all satisfactory of catering the requirements of sufficient training to the judges.

In most of the countries in the world, institutions equivalent to universities with facilities are being established and maintained to educate and train judges.

The Government has given priority to upgrade and develop the infrastructure facilities in the judiciary along with legal reforms and promotion of digitalization.

Also, it has been recognized the requirement of furnishing with facilities required for upgrading knowledge and skills of court judges.

Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers granted approval to the resolution tabled by the Justice Minister to appoint a committee headed by former Supreme Court Judge Buwaneka Aluvihare and comprising of experts in the field for obtaining recommendations for the establishment of a judicial training academy within Sri Lanka.

5. Submission of the gazette notifications for Parliament approval

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by the Minister of Finance to submit to Parliament the orders issued by the following Gazette Notifications.

i. Gazette Notifications published under Port and Airport Act No.18 of2011.

• Gazette Extraordinary No. 2216/3 dated 22.02.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No. 2218/51 dated 09.03.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No. 2219/68 dated 19.03.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No. 2224/8 dated 19.04.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No. 2231/19 dated 11.06.202 1

ii. Gazette Notifications published under Excise (Special Provisions) Act No. 13 of 1989

• Gazette Extraordinary No.2222/2 dated 05.04.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No. 2222/3 dated 05.04.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No.2224/24 dated 22.04.2021

iii. Gazette Notifications Published under Special-Commodity-Levy-Act- No 48 of2007

• Gazette Extraordinary No.2223/2 dated 13.04.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No.2225/1 dated 26.04.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No.2225/8 dated 27.04.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No.2225/13 dated 27.04.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No.2228/3 dated 17.05.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No.2232/3 dated 14.06.2021

IV. Gazette Notifications Published under Revenue. Protection Act No. 19 of 1962,

•Gazette Extraordinary No. 2224/25 dated 22.04.2021
• Gazette Extraordinary No.2228/2 dated 17.05.2021

06. The Petroleum Resources Bill

The approval was given in the Cabinet Meeting held on 25th January, 2021 to draft a new act including provisions that required to develop the petroleum and natural gases exploration and production industries in Sri Lanka cancelling the Petroleum Resources Act, No.26 of 2003.

Accordingly, the clearance of the Attorney General has been received for the bill that drafted by the Legal Draftsman.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal tabled by the Minister of Energy to publish the said bill on the government gazette and subsequently to submit to the parliament for approval.

07. Implementing the recommendation of the Notarial Advisory Committee appointed by the Justice Minister.

Advisory Committees have been appointed by the Justice Minister upon the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers to submit recommendations on the reforms which have to be done in the field of law.

Accordingly, the proposals tabled by the Justice Minister were approved by the Cabinet of Ministers to amend the following ordinances facts as per the recommendations of the Notarial Advisory Committee.

Powers of Attorney Ordinance

• Notaries Ordinance

The Registration of Documents Act

Revocation of Irrevocable Deeds of Gift on the grounds of Gross Ingratitude Act Wills Ordinance.

08. Amendments to the Civil Procedure Code

It has been imposed by provisions in the 12th section of the Constitution as no citizen shall be discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion, language, cast , sex, political opinion, place of birth or anyone of such grounds.

However, the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act,which governs Muslim marriages and divorces, has included specific provisions that discriminate against women, and various women's organizations belonging to the Muslim community and Muslim law scholars have pointed out the need to repeal such provisions from the law.

Therefore, under the common law governing the marriage and divorce of the citizens of Sri Lanka, it has become appropriate to provide them with alternative opportunities to govern the marriage and divorce of people of the Muslim community as well. As per the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal tabled by the Minister of Justice to amend the Civil Procedure Code and the Civil Procedure Code which contained the Marriage Procedure enabling to govern under the said act on condition that persons who believe in Islam intend to get married under the Marriage Registration Ordinance.

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