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Rainbow indulgence

It’s no secret that rainbow-colored food has been very popular lately, with everybody trying to tie-dye their food and drinks.

So it was really only a matter of time until rainbow sushi entered the psychedelic fray. With suitably flashy names like “Mermaid Sushi” and “Rainbow Unicorn Sushi,” a new way of creating the Japanese delicacy makes a perfect addition to your rainbow coffee, rainbow bagels and buckets of paint you pour on yourself. Artisans all over the world are creating their own concoctions and sharing them on Instagram.

Recipes vary, of course, but beet juice for red coloring, spinach or matcha for green coloring, and other fruits and dried powders seem to be popular choices. Much of the rainbow sushi is also vegan or vegetarian, despite claiming to have “rainbow unicorns.”


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