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Impose travel curbs to Kandy District – MP Kiriella

The Government should consider imposing a travel restriction to Kandy district as there have been no patients found infected with the Delta variant from this region, Kandy District Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Lakshman Kiriella said in Parliament yesterday (06).Imposing travel restrictions would save the Kandy district from being infected by the Delta variant, MP Kiriella pointed out.

“Many doctors from Kandy gave me telephone calls saying that no Delta variant infected patients have been found in the Kandy district. So I would like to request the Government to impose travel restrictions to the Kandy district to see if we could save this area from the Delta variant,” MP Kiriella said.

MP Kiriella also said the Government should set up a Disaster Management Committee (DMC) that would enable the Opposition to directly work with the Government to manage the pandemic situation.

“Other than speaking in Parliament, the Opposition would like to assist the Government to manage this serious situation. However, we do not have a proper platform to do so.

Hence, we would like to request the government to set up a DMC which would consist of both Government and Opposition MPs,” MP Kiriella observed.

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