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KNDU a vital asset – Field Marshal Fonseka

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa gave the well-deserved recognition to the Sri Lanka Army for winning the war, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka, the Gampaha District MP of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya, stated in Parliament yesterday (6).

Fonseka observed that he is absolutely opposed to anyone criticizing the Sri Lanka Army.

Fonseka made these observations joining the debate on several regulations under the Immigration and Emigration Act.

Fonseka also pointed out that he sees the President’s efforts to popularize organic fertilizer as a true effort.Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka observed that he is not against the Kotelawala National Defense University (KNDU). Fonseka said degrees at the KNDU should be highly regarded and their quality should be maintained. “We believe that we need the Defence University we have right now. We are not opposed to it. In neighbouring countries like India and Pakistan, they have very strong and popular Defence Universities and academies. Only the management is different in these universities. So it is important that we establish a management structure in accordance with our education system. For that, we will need to create a solid dialogue on how our KNDU’s management structure should be,” Fonseka pointed out. \Fonseka also pointed out that the KNDU should be further developed.

Fonseka noted that he does not in any way tolerate insulting teachers who were protesting for their rightful salaries.Fonseka observed that if the country succeeded in anything significant after the Mahaweli project, it was the Sri Lanka Defence Forces ending the war against the LTTE.

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