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AKD questions arrests of students by policemen in civvies

National People’s Power Leader MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake questioned the conduct of the police officers who arrested the university students who held a protest against the Kotelawala National Defence University (KNDU) Bill recently.

MP Dissanayake noted that the Police teams that have arrested the undergraduates have come without wearing any official uniform.

One such police team that has appeared in casual wear, has attempted to arrest a university lecturer as well, MP Dissanayake pointed out.

“The problem is not about arresting but about the nature and the procedure followed when arresting. They come in casual wear and arrest protestors. They even use white vans. So after some days if an underworld gang starts kidnapping citizens appearing as police, what will happen then? Why is the Government using the police like a wild-police?” MP Dissanayake questioned.

Dissanayake made these observations during the Parliament session yesterday (06).

Dissanayake questioned the Speaker if he has or not seen the videos where students were arrested by persons in casual wear. “How can police officers turn up in t-shirts and barge into buses to arrest these students? When they question who is arresting them, these officers do not answer. They do not show any identification. What kind of a culture is this?,” Dissanayake questioned.

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