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Not possible to reopen schools in September as planned - GL

Education Minister Prof.G.L Pieris said that it is impossible to reopen the schools in September as it was pre-planned according to the prevailing situation.

Addressing the media at the SLPP headquarters yesterday, Minister Peiris stated that the administration had a clear strategy in place to reopen schools with the vaccination campaign.

The Education Minister stated that they expected to give two doses of the vaccination to all teachers and non-academic staff at schools before the end of August and that schools will reopen in September. However, due to the prevailing situation, it is not possible to reopen the schools as planned.

He further said that 87% of the academic and non-academic staff have been administered the first COVID-19 dose.

Therefore he added that online education is a must and the methodology must be strengthened in order to cover up the delay that is experienced due to the pandemic.

“Anyhow, due to the ongoing trade union actions, the online education system has also come to a standstill,” he said. Minister Peiris stated that teachers’ withdrawal from online education efforts should be viewed as a form of retaliation.

“The salary anomalies of teachers have been prevailing for over 24 years. I refute the claims that the Government is insensitive to the issue of teachers. We have had Cabinet meetings with the presence of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. We also had discussions with the trade union leaders,” he said.

Moreover, he added that discussions were carried with the National Salaries and Cadre Commission. As a result, the Cabinet is of the view that the issue of the teachers’ salary anomalies should be addressed at the next budget. Minister Pieris said that accordingly, the entire state services will be viewed.

He also added that it is impossible to release the G.C.E. Ordinary Level results as the results of the practicals of aesthetic subjects are still pending. Meanwhile, the Trade Unions are refusing to conduct the practical tests too. Minster concluded that a severe social issue has arisen due to the protests and strikes carried out by teachers.


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