COVID-19: Kataragama residents face dire situation | Daily News

COVID-19: Kataragama residents face dire situation

Kataragama residents, whose livelihoods depended solely on pilgrims and tourists, have been severely inconvenienced by the pandemic as they have no other means to earn money. With interprovincial travel restrictions being imposed once again, the area has become desolate.

All state and private rest rooms that were reopened have been closed. Meanwhile, drug addicts and thieves have stolen air conditioners and electrical equipment from the venues. Residents of the area who have been affected by the issue include coconut, flower, and fruit salespersons, as well as tour guides and safari jeep drivers.

Many residents have sold their vehicles and pawned their jewellery to get money. A bank manager in Kataragama said the situation is dire. Furthermore, many residents said that they have been unable to pay water and electricity bills for a long time because of the situation. They added that making home gardens was also difficult as wild animals often destroyed their crops.

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