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Injured baby elephant saved

A female baby elephant was found fallen in a cultivation land near the Galahitiya Tank in Kataragama a several days ago and it has been rescued by a team of wildlife officers and villagers after providing it with treatment.

The owner of the land said that a herd of elephants invaded his land along with the baby elephant on last Friday night (13) destroying the cultivation. They had left in the morning leaving the baby elephant. The owner then had informed the matter to the Wildlife Officers.

Veterinary specialist from the Udawalawa Elephant Transit Home Dr.Ananda Dharmakeerthi examined the elephant. Its mouth was severely damaged several days ago because of a hakka patas (fire cracker). It might have fallen in the cultivation due to the starvation, he said.

Wildlife officer of Karavile Yapa Bandara said that they will study the its behaviour closely and if its condition became serious it would be taken to Udawalawa Elephant Transit Home to be treated under the supervision of veterinary specialist Dharmakeerthi.

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