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Lanka IOC express concern for Blind Women’s Society

Lanka IOC stepped up their commitment to giving back to society through CSR activities by way of distribution of very hygienic dry ration stuff to numerous families of the Sri Lanka Welfare Society of the Blind Women.

The same was highly appreciated by the President of Blind Women’s society and they thanked Lanka IOC for coming forward during this pandemic time and taking care of blind people.

Lanka IOC MD Manoj Gupta thanked SLWSBW for giving them this noble opportunity and assured them of their continued regular empathy and assistance to the best possible extent. Lanka IOC is celebrating the Year 2021 as a year of empathy and has been conducting many such programs for the upliftment of the society by way of donation to hospitals, and distribution of sanitiser to the police dept.

Lanka IOC is operating with strong fundamentals and always endeavours for connecting with society through the various CSR activities.

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